People get banned from PlayStation Network for no apparent reason – LSB

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Better start your PS5 right away and make sure everything is fine.

That’s because quite a few people online are claiming that their PlayStation Network accounts have been permanently banned for no reason, according to The Verge. Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) users have posted screenshots as evidence of the bans, with X user @michaeldhaliwal sharing screenshots of a chat with PlayStation support that offered nothing in the way of actual support.


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The only reason given is a vague “you’ve violated PSN terms of service” message, which is a surprise considering that in at least this one case, the user claims he doesn’t even interact that much with other people on PSN. Sony has yet to publicly comment on this via North American PlayStation Support Account on X (or anywhere else).

If this is a real thing and people really are getting banned by mistake, that would be a pretty big mistake on Sony’s part. Some of these people may have at least a decade’s worth of digital purchases associated with their accounts, which they may no longer have access to once they are banned. We hope that Sony can understand the problem and lift the bans in short order.


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