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Once upon a time, kids longed for the biggest present under the tree, but size doesn’t matter when choosing the best tech gifts. Some of the best gadgets of the year are small enough to fit in your pocket, and thanks to digital downloads, many popular gaming gifts don’t take up any physical space.

The most sought-after tech gifts may not look like much when they’re wrapped, but once your recipient sees what you’ve given them, their face should light up. No, we’re not talking about that painful I’m just pretending to like it so I don’t hurt your feelings face, but real childish gaiety. A new PlayStation 5 or the latest Bose noise canceling headphones can do that for you.

Our favorite gadgets and gizmos are the kinds of gifts you dream about getting all year long. And while they rarely speak to our bank accounts, they can be worth it to make a loved one happy. (Don’t worry, we’ve also included plenty of tech socks and more affordable last-minute gifts). To help you pick the best tech gifts for 2023, we’ve rounded up our favorite gaming gear, smart home devices, cameras and headphones.

Our tech gift guide features some of the best new releases of the year, most of which we’ve written about and reviewed. From the new Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition to Amazon’s new devices, we focused on the gadgets that our editors really loved this year. The real, drool-worthy one I can’t believe you got this for me gifts.

Here are Mashable’s 50 favorite gift-worthy gadgets and tech gifts.

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