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Nicole Kidman
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As we get older, you may start to see some changes in your skin, so it’s important to have the right skincare products to ensure you feel your best. Nicole Kidman She is a great example of someone who has aged beautifully – she may be 56, but she doesn’t look like she’s over 40! One of the skin care secrets is Seratopical Revolution Anti-Aging Serum for Face and Neckpacked with the best ingredients to ensure you get everything you need to fight the signs of aging.

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“When I feel like my skin might be looking a little lackluster or needs a little refresher, I like to use Seratopical Gleaming Brightener and a spritz of Harmony Face and Neck Toner. [It’s] Naturally scented with vanilla extract which I love Forbes. This toner contains the patented P3P triple peptide delivery system to reach the other layers of the skin, and will stimulate collagen and elastin, strengthening your skin barrier to the maximum extent. The serum also contains Marula Oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin E to enhance, hydrate and soften your skin. Nicole actually helped create the serum — so if we trust Nicole (I trust her flawless skin in every movie), this is a product you should get your hands on.


Not only will this product leave you feeling as glowy as ever, it will also erase fine lines – once you start using it, you’ll look like you’re wearing a filter! This serum is unique in that it’s not just for your face, but it targets the fine lines in your neck as well, which many of us suffer from.

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