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Nicolas Cage plans to make 3 or 4 more films before he retires from 814

Nicolas Cage.

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After a long cinematic career Nicolas Cage He is preparing to explore new aspects of his profession.

“I feel like, at this point — after 45 years of doing this… I feel like I’ve pretty much said what I had to say with cinema,” Cage, 59, explained in an interview with the magazine. almost Posted on Monday, December 4th. “And I would leave on a high note and say, ‘Goodbye.’” I think I have to do three or four more films before I can get there, and then hopefully I’ll change the format and move on to another way of expressing my acting.

the National wealth The actor continued that he was going to stop acting after filming Dream scenariowhich premiered in November but there are “decades more to come.” [he has] “accomplished.”

“I mean, I’m going to be very strict and strict about the casting process going forward. But for me to do another film, I’d like to explore other formats,” he told the outlet, noting that he’s interested in making “streaming with episodic TV” part of his resume .

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He continued, “I saw things that could be done now with characters and the time given to them to express themselves.” ” I saw Bryan Cranston Staring into a suitcase for an hour in an episode of the series Too bad. We don’t have time to do that in a feature film, so TV is probably the next best step for me.

After moving on from the film, Cage wants to focus on spending “quality time” with his family. The actor shares son Weston, 32, with the former Christina FultonKal-El, 18, with his ex-wife Alice Kim and 15-month-old daughter Augustus with his wife Riku Shibata.

Nicolas Cage plans to make 3 or 4 more films before he retires from 813
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“I’m going to be 60 next month and my father died at 75. So, if I’m lucky, I have more years than he did, but I don’t know,” Cage shared. “The important thing is my kids and I have a young daughter. If I can find a spin-off to do that stays in one place where I don’t have to keep leaving, we can all be together. That would be great on a personal level.”

This isn’t the first time Cage has brought up his retirement plans. In April 2018, the actor announced that he wanted to focus more on other endeavors besides acting.

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“Directing is something I look forward to in the future,” he revealed in a press conference while promoting his film. Primitivefor every Explosion. “At the moment, I am primarily a film actor and I will continue to do so for another three or four years and I would like to focus more on directing.”

Cage recently made headlines for his performance in the 2023 horror comedy Dream scenario, which follows a college professor who begins appearing in the dreams of strangers. The movie – which stars Dylan Gilula, Julian Nicholson, Lily Gao, Noah Centineo And Michael Cera It brought in about $220,000 in its limited initial opening weekend and received critical acclaim.

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