NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defends referees’ punishment against the Chiefs after Patrick Mahomes’ outburst – LSB

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defends referees' punishment against Chiefs after Patrick Mahomes' outburst

Roger Goodell and Patrick Mahomes.

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Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell ‘Incredibly proud’ of game officials after penalty kick led by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes He felt very upset after his team’s loss on Sunday, December 10.

“That’s their job: to call when there’s a mistake. There was no question about that mistake. It was absolutely the right decision,” Goodell, 64, said during a news conference Wednesday, Dec. 13, at the league’s winter meetings, per Yahoo Sports. “If you don’t call it that, it’s clear that we have been – and our officials have been subject to – criticism as well.”

While Goodell admitted that “no human being” is “perfect,” he fully supported the controversial penalty that preceded the strike.

“I find it ironic that I stand here answering a question about when the officials were right and are criticized,” he continued, adding that “everyone” in the sporting community “admits that the officials were absolutely right.” “.

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The referees reversed a Chiefs touchdown in the final two minutes of their game against the Buffalo Bills after the wide receiver was flagged. Cadarius Tony There was an offside after a lateral pass by a tight end Travis Kelsey. The result handed the Chiefs a 20 to 17 loss, their second loss in two weeks.

Mahomes, 28, took the call hard and was seen screaming about the decision on the field. After the game, the athlete was caught telling off the Bills quarterback Josh Allen, “The wildest f-king call I’ve ever seen. Offensive steals on that play, man, damn is it terrible.

One day after the game, Mahomes apologized for his reckless behavior during an interview with Sports Radio 610 in Kansas City.


Patrick Mahomes

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“I regret acting that way, but more than anything, I regret the way I acted toward Josh after the game, because he had nothing to do with it,” Mahomes said. “I was still hot and emotional, but you can’t do that, man. It’s not a great example for the kids watching the game, so I was more upset about that than I was on the sidelines.

While the Texas native admitted that “stuff like this happens” in the NFL, he emphasized that his response came from a place of deep concern.

“I love it. I love this game, I love my teammates, and I want to go out there and put everything on the line to win. “But obviously I can’t do that. “It cannot be this way towards officials or anyone in life.”

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There don’t seem to be any hard feelings between the two midfielders. Allen reacted to the confrontation with Mahomes after practice on Wednesday.

“I was like, ‘This is football, it’s an emotional game,'” Allen told Sports Illustrated. “I know he didn’t mean anything by it, and I know the cameras caught the last few seconds of what we were talking about. But he’s an ultimate competitor. He wants to win and that’s who he is.”

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