New York City Mayor Eric Adams says parents may need help in public schools amid migrant crisis: ‘All hands on deck’ – LSB

Mayor Eric Adams urged parents in the Big Apple to prepare for “all hands on deck” as the city reduced the number of newly trained safety personnel amid the ongoing migrant crisis and warned parents they may need to volunteer at their children’s schools.

“To make sure we continue to create an environment for our kids, we have to change staff as much as possible… We will lean into parents and parent groups and do some volunteer work,” Adams said at a news conference. Tuesday evening.

“We have to keep all hands on deck,” the mayor said.

The Democratic mayor assured media representatives that he would never “allow” schools in the city to become unsafe for children.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Adams attends a press conference on November 14, 2023 in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“While I am concerned that we will abandon schools and make them unsafe for our children, I will never allow that to happen,” Adams said. “But we will do everything we can to get this right.”

Adams also promoted New York City’s public schools, arguing that the city had not experienced mass shootings, unlike other school districts.

“We have been successful, unlike other municipalities, where there have been shootings on school grounds, and in some cases mass shootings,” Adams said. “We have not had a single shooting inside our school due to working school safety agents and the New York City Police Department.”

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His remarks come as Staten Island officials criticized his administration for abruptly ending a school safety program that included 250 recruits, as the city pumps more resources into dealing with an influx of asylum seekers migrating from the southern border.

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our children. This is part of the dangerous trend the mayor has set for this city,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said during a press conference on Monday. “We’re seeing a decline in the NYPD overall. We’re seeing fewer cops on the streets. We’re also seeing fewer detectives solving crimes to put people behind bars. And now we’re seeing 25% fewer security agents than we did before.” “Coronavirus disease pandemic.”

An NYPD officer in front of a high school in New York City

NYPD 20th Precinct officers are photographed outside Martin Luther King Jr. High School. (Luis C. Ribeiro for the New York Daily News via Getty Images)


Reports are yet to come New York City Adams announced in September that departments across the board have until this month to cut their budgets by 5% as the city pumps more resources into dealing with the influx of migrant seekers. The city’s mayor also warned of another round of 5% cuts in January

Adams previously said New York is facing a “fiscal tsunami” that will impact every government service from “children’s services to senior citizens to housing,” in part because of the migrant crisis plaguing New York.

Mayor Eric Adam’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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