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TL; DR: Starting February 13th, get an open-box Eufy RoboVac G30 for just $99.99 — that’s 15% off.

What if we told you that you might never have to vacuum or sweep your floors again? And we’re not talking about ignoring those dust bunnies or clumps of pet hair — we’re talking about getting a robot vacuum. You may have balked at the trend because of their usual prices, but this Eufy RoboVac G30 is just $99.99 for an open-box model (reg. $118.99).

This robot is like having a maid

Imagine this: Instead of lugging your vacuum up the stairs and tripping over its cord while cleaning, you can set the Eufy RoboVac to clean your place for you—even when you’re not even home. Simply use the app to schedule sessions, add focus points, change modes and view its cleaning history.

Skeptics of these robot maids often express concern that they miss spots, but the Eufy RoboVac has Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 to design logical paths around your house to cover entire areas like your living room and kitchen.

Other critics claim that they are not as powerful as traditional vacuum cleaners, but this robot has a suction of 2000 Pa, which is an excellent balance between efficiency and silence. In addition, a technology called BoostIQ™ adjusts suction power when transitioning between hard surfaces and carpets.

Save 15% with an open box model

This Eufy RoboVac is under $100 because it’s an open box model. While that means it’s not technically brand new, it does come with factory settings, all original accessories, and a 90-day product warranty.

What will you do with all your newfound time, freed from the constant vacuuming? We recommend relaxing and watching your favorite series, but focusing on cleaning other things is also a way.

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Get your Eufy RoboVac G30 Open Box for $99.99 (Reg. $118.99) and save 15%.

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