Netflix’s ‘Scoop’ teaser recreates the infamous BBC interview with Prince Andrew – LSB

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In case you missed it, there are not one but two dramatizations in the works of Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC interview with News night journalist Emily Maitlis — there’s one coming to Netflix and one to Prime Video.

In the 2019 interview, Prince Andrew defended his friendship with convicted pedophile and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and responded to accusations against the prince himself made by one of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Giuffre, with the unfathomable quote: “I didn’t sweat the time, because I had what I would describe as an adrenaline overdose in the Falklands War when I was being shot at and I just… it was almost impossible to break a sweat.”

In the Netflix movie spoon, which released its first look teaser today, Prince Andrew is played by Rufus Sewell, Gillian Anderson takes on Maitlis, and Billie Piper is producer Sam McAllister, who is negotiating between the studio and Buckingham Palace. The rest of the cast includes Keeley Hawes as the Prince’s personal secretary Amanda Thirsk and Romola Garay as News night editor Esme Renn.

Directed by Philip Martin and written by Peter Moffat and Jeff Bussettil, spoon is based on McAllister’s true book.

spoon streaming on Netflix on April 5.

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