Mother of an American wrongly detained on death row in China calls on Biden to confront Xi: “Say Mark’s name” – LSB

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The mother of an American imprisoned in China for more than 10 years and facing execution is calling on President Biden to take action during his upcoming meeting with Chinese President Xi to secure her son’s release for a crime she and many others say he did not commit.

“President Biden, you should please say Mark’s name and tell him [Xi] What do you want to let him go,” Katherine Souidan, Mark Souidan’s 73-year-old mother, told Fox News Digital on Monday, the 11th anniversary of the day Chinese authorities wrongfully detained her son.

“We have the people, we have the army, and we have the money. What is the problem?

Mark Sweidan was 38 years old when he went to China on a business trip looking for flooring for construction work in November 2012. He was arrested after drugs were found with his driver and translator.

When will officials confirm the date and location of Biden’s meeting in the United States with the 11th Chinese president?

Mark Sweden family

L- Mark Swed and his mother Katherine Swed R- President Biden (Suwaidan Family, Getty Images)

a United Nations report It determined that Suwaidan, who had no history of drug use, did not have drugs on his person or in his hotel room, and records show he was not even in China at the time of the alleged crime.

The UN report said that the other 11 people arrested with Suwaidan as part of the alleged trafficking network were unable to identify him, and that the conviction was based on his visit to a factory that had previously been used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Suwaidan’s mother told Fox News Digital that she had “no confidence” that Biden and the State Department would be able to secure her son’s release during Wednesday’s visit, basing her distrust on communications she received from “sympathetic” but incapable government officials. To give her any concrete answers about where things stand with her son.

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Mark Swidan

Mark Suwaidan was arrested in China in 2012 on drug charges that the United Nations says are illegal (Mark Swidan Family)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in A press release Earlier this year, in response to China’s upholding of Suwaidan’s death sentence, it referred to his status as “unjustly detained” and said the Biden administration was “personally focused” on securing his release.

Suwaidan’s mother told Fox News Digital that he has not undergone a medical examination in 9 years and has 4 abscessed molars, many fractures, a dislocated knee, and two hands broken 5-7 times due to torture, and that he has lost more than 100 pounds of his weight. In prison. She added that the last time an American official visited Suwaidan, last August, the official was “terrified” by Suwaidan’s physical condition.

Soueidan said the Biden administration continually told her it had a “plan” to secure Mark’s release, but they remained silent about what that plan entailed.

“I don’t think you had a plan at all,” Suwaidan said. “I don’t think you talked to them about Mark. Everything I see on the news at every station, everything I see is you giving a speech, having a good time, praising China and congratulating you on your historic revolution. “Whatever, and that doesn’t sit well with me. China only understands power.”

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Suwaidan’s mother says a US official told her on Friday that her son had been transferred to a new prison, Dongguan Prison, the previous week, something she says she should have been told earlier.

“I said how come no one told me?” Suwaidan narrated to Fox News Digital. “You can email me. It takes two minutes and I’m up all night anyway because it’s daytime in China and I don’t want to miss a phone call.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who represents Soueidan’s home state of Texas, told Fox News Digital that “China’s imprisonment of Mark Souedan is unfair and infuriating.”

“The Biden administration has everything it needs to make his release a priority in its talks with the Chinese Communist Party,” Cruz said. “Congress has spoken repeatedly and unanimously to urge them to use the full scope of American diplomacy to bring him home. Enough is enough. This must be a top priority.”

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, in A The decision was made earlier this year “The human rights abuses Mark suffered at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party are horrific and I will continue to pressure the Biden administration to expedite his case and secure his release,” he wrote with Cruz.

“Mark Sweidan, a Texan, has been in a Chinese detention center for more than a decade for a crime he could not have committed — and he wasn’t even in the country,” said Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee. Foreign Affairs in the House of Representatives. Affairs Committee, Published on X last week. “When President Xi travels to the United States this month, the White House should ask Mark to be on that plane with him.”

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Chinese President Xi Jinping sits at the session.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

A State Department spokesman directed a request for comment on any conversation Biden might have with Xi to the White House, but said the department “continuously” raises the issue of Suwaidan’s capture during meetings with Chinese officials, and that there is “no higher priority” than Americans detained abroad. .

The White House did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Suwaidan’s mother expressed frustration that Blinken seems to be “running from country to country and handing out money like it’s water” while her son sits in prison and sleeps on a concrete floor for more than a decade.

“He threw it [China] “One billion dollars and they let him go, you know, because that’s what they want in hostage situations,” Suwaidan said, adding that the Biden administration had the “gall” to tell her in the past that they didn’t know what China wanted in the country. Exchange for her son.


Blinken and Xi Jinping shake hands

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Monday, June 19, 2023. (Leah Millis/Pool Image via AP)

Suwaidan says she worries every day that her son’s deteriorating condition and inhumane living conditions will lead him to commit suicide in prison before he is released.

“I will not lose hope, and even if something happens to him, God forbid, I will still go after these people,” Soueidan told Fox News Digital. China or in America. They’re going to see the biggest global lawsuit they’ve ever seen, and I don’t even want to get a penny from it. I just want them to know what they did to this man.

Biden is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday in San Francisco, California, and the White House says the two leaders are expected to discuss the relationship between the United States and China, including the importance of maintaining “open lines of communication.”

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