Mister Car Wash: Switching Gears To Reverse (NYSE:MCW) -LSB

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Detail of car in car wash


Investment Thesis

Mister Car Wash (NYSE:MCW), America’s largest car wash brand, went public in the heydays of 2021 at $15.00 a share, opening 26% above that price and earning a hefty valuation of $5.6 billion. Many investors considered this stock a growth

Mister Car Wash M&A and CAPEX Activities vs. CFFO (2019-2022)$M
+ Acquisitions739.5
+ Capex450.7
Gross Investments1,190.2
Gross Investments / CFFO2.1x
– Disposals(306.4)
Net Investments883.8
Net Investments / CFFO1.5x

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