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There’s something a little dystopian about an AI tool that can tell my room is a mess, but it’s too late for that now.

During the Microsoft Ignite keynote on Wednesday, the tech giant announced a new “decorate your background” feature.

The new perk uses generative AI that takes your Teams call background and “dresses it up” by cleaning up the clutter and adding decor. Based on the video Microsoft showed, the AI ​​can create a myriad of objects, including lights, plants and other seasonal decor.

Additionally, a voice isolation feature is being added to Teams. According to Microsoft, the AI ​​will recognize your voice once you switch on and will be able to completely filter out background noise so you can be heard in busy environments. It’s an impressive addition, and something Apple also committed to during the iPhone 15 and iOS 17 announcements.

This new Teams feature is one of many new improvements that Microsoft announced at its Ignite keynote. The company took full advantage of its newly introduced Copilot AI, unveiling several AI-enhanced QoL additions such as real-time notes and transcriptions during meetings.

Microsoft Teams’ new “background decorator” will be released in Premium in 2024.

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