Meghan McCain says she is ‘consulting’ with her legal team after Ana Navarro’s comments on ‘The View’ – LSB

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Meghan McCain says she

Megan McCain

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Megan McCain She is not happy with her ex the view hosts after her departure.

“I don’t understand why my former colleagues at @TheView@ABC bring me up and discredit me on an almost weekly basis,” McCain, 39, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, December 14. Go ahead, you’re done.

Earlier that day, the morning talk show panel – which consisted of… Joy Behar, Ana Navarro, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Sarah Haines And Alyssa Farrah Griffin – They were discussing President Joe BidenHunter’s son and his decision not to comply with a subpoena to testify at a special hearing about his foreign businesses. (Hunter, 53, has previously said he prefers to appear in court publicly.)

Navarro, 51, addressed the news and defended Hunter while shadowing the children of other political figures.

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“Look, did Hunter Biden influence his last name? Yes he did it. Navarro claimed that was the case for half of Washington. “The people sitting at this table did it!”

the view The committee looked around at each other to try to figure out who Navarro was talking about. She later clarified that she did not mean at the table by “currently” but did not name a specific person. McCain, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain, assumed that the drilling operation was carried out at her expense. (Megan appeared as a co-host on the series from 2017 to 2021.)

She continued in her tweet: “I have never been accused of a crime in my life and I am a patriotic American – I have never and will not engage in ‘influence mongering’ in my life, let alone against foreign adversaries.” “Not all politicians’ children are the same — and I’m not Hunter Biden.

Meghan McCain says she

Ana Navarro

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Meghan criticized Navarro’s alleged accusations, calling them “defamatory and slanderous.”

“I will be consulting lawyers regarding what has been defamed against me the view “This morning,” she penned.

In a later response, Meghan added that as a “former ABC News employee” she does not “take it lightly” when she is accused of engaging in “criminal behaviour”.

After she left the viewMeghan has often been vocal about her conflicted feelings about her time on the show. In October 2021, she claimed she left the show due to a “toxic work environment.”

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“My opinion is in trouble the view “It’s that it’s a show with a lot of demons that started out at the beginning, and none of those demons were exorcised,” she said. diverse on time.

Two years after her initial exit, the former Fox News contributor said she no longer follows her former show.

“It’s like looking at your ex-boyfriend’s Instagram account — it’s not great for you. So no, I’m not watching,” she joked. Prophet in October.

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