Mediterranean ship captain Sandy below deck lays down the law with Luca Brunton: ‘I’m f**king mad’ – LSB

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Captain Sandy's Mediterranean Below Deck Lays Down The Law With Luca Brunton I'm F—king Mad 812

Captain Sandy, Luca Brunton.

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Port BruntonMistakes caught up with him Below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea when Captain Sandy Yoon He called him out for not planning his team’s schedule properly.

During a new episode of the Bravo series that aired on Monday, December 4, Captain Sandy questioned Luca’s abilities as a captain after noticing that he was the only crew member on the ship.

“We only have you on deck? That’s not good. We need help serving. We always have two people on deck. That’s not good,” Sandy said to Luca after he sent the deckhands Lara Du Preez, Haley Gorman And Max Salvador In their rest periods.

Earlier in the episode, Luca stayed on the ship while Lara, Hailey and Max joined guests on a trip. The bosun sent his fellow crew members to their cabins after they returned, causing a problem when… Tommy Mhlongo He needed help with dinner service and Luca was the only one still awake but not around.

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Luca got off the boat to lead a psychiatrist—hired to entertain the guests—to shore. As a result, captain Sandy was not happy with Luka as he failed to think ahead about what his absence would mean for the internal team.

Captain Sandy's Mediterranean Below Deck Lays Down The Law With Luca Brunton I'm F—king Mad 811
Fred Gagwino/Bravo

“It’s important to have at least two deckhands in case of an emergency. I have to be able to maneuver.” [and] I have to anchor the hall. Not only is it safe, but we have guests on board. She explained to the cameras that it was about service. “The rooftop team is there to support the interior design because it is now all about the food and service [since] There are no water sports. We can only have one person. I need two. I’m not happy.”

Once Luca returned, Sandy expressed her frustration, adding, “I’m not very happy. The priority is food. Get Max. This is the thing that drives me crazy. You have to set your own schedule.”

Luka tried to defend himself by pointing out that his team “didn’t get breaks” earlier in the day, which is why they were all out at the same time. But Sandy expected Luca to handle the situation better.

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“when [Tumi] Called and called, the deck crew had to answer. “I’m so crazy,” she tells Luca as the episode ends.

During season 8 of Below deck med, Luca candidly discussed the lessons he has yet to learn as a Bossun. He was originally brought to Mustique as a deckhand before becoming a temporary bosun when Rowan IrvingThe papers of. Luca, who appeared in the second season of under deck under under As deck captain, Sandy is later offered the position of bosun once Ruan leaves his job.

“I’m usually an engineer, so in the past I haven’t had to do any kind of paperwork. “But I cater to the work schedule more towards Max and Hailey,” Luca admitted on Monday’s episode. “I can always count on Lara to not give me a break if I’m late Far behind, which is definitely why she got the position of captain of the ship. Because she’s happy to move on.

In her confessional, Lara admitted that she was not happy with her schedule because Luca did not take it into consideration. For Lara, being the crew member Luka relies on the most means she has less time off, which doesn’t seem fair to her.

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Not only did Sandy remind Luka to organize his team’s schedule better. The captain also used Monday’s episode to highlight Luca’s other responsibilities that were slipping through the cracks. While the group was having a night out, Sandy noticed that the deck team wasn’t keeping the crew’s mess as clean as she expected.

“Although this is Luca’s first time being a boss, it’s not his first, second or third charter. He knows my expectations,” she noted. “Being a boss on a charter yacht isn’t just about throwing lines and dialing distances. It’s about making sure your schedule works well.

“Although Luca is doing a great job, I don’t want him to become complacent and take his eyes off the ball,” Sandy concluded.

Below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea It airs on Bravo Mondays at 9pm ET.

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