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Matthew Perry
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Matthew Perryex girlfriend, Katie EdwardsHe claimed that the late actor took strict measures to stop using drugs before his death. Katie, who dated friends The star said in 2006 after they met at an AA meeting, then he worked as his assistant in 2011 while he dealt with substance abuse issues. the sun In an interview published on December 23, he claimed Matthew had “glued” his hands to his legs to combat his addiction.

“I was at Matthew’s house in the Hollywood Hills. He was in a bad way,” Katie recalls. “He had been high all night on a large number of drugs, most likely cocaine and other substances. I found Matthew on the sofa with his hands stuck to his legs – it was so sad.

Katie further claimed: “I had to use nail polish remover and olive oil to free it.” “We were literally tearing the hair out of his legs, and he had raw red spots, and it was absolutely horrific,” she added.

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry in 2016 (Photo: Joan Davidson/Shutterstock)

Matthew was 54 when he died on October 28 at his home in Pacific Palisades, California. Nearly two months after his tragic passing. TMZ He revealed that the official cause of his death was due to “acute effects of ketamine.” The newspaper also reported that Matthew underwent treatment with ketamine injections to treat depression and anxiety before his death.

Katie said before revealing Matthew’s cause of death the sun She thought 17 again The star relapsed before his death. “I know Matthew and I know he wouldn’t have just drowned,” she said in November. “I think he may have taken pills the week before that.”

Matthew battled his addiction for over 25 years. In his 2022 diary, Friends, lovers, and the big, terrible thingMatthew said he has spent over $9 million trying to recover from rehab stays, therapists and more. He reportedly got sober in 2021, just months before the virus was filmed Friends reunited HBO Max special.

Matthew also wrote about his experience with ketamine in his memoir, admitting that he felt like his name was “written all over it.” He also said he felt like he was “dying” during treatment but decided to “continue to be involved in it” because “it was something different, and anything different is good.”

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