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Mark Ruffalo He revealed that he wore a corset and pads to achieve his look in his latest film. Bad things.

“Did you know I had an ass pillow?” Ruffalo, 56, said. Robert Downey Jr. During the Monday, December 4 episode of diverseActors on Actors series. “My legs were four inches bigger. My calf was four years old [inches]. He really wanted the silhouette. So I was wearing a corset with shoulder pads, so I was very compact.

Period fantasy comedy, directed by Yorgos Lanthimosfollows a young woman (Emma Stone) after a scientist brought her back to life. She’s soon on the run with an amused lawyer, played by Ruffalo.

While the corsets and padding may seem intense, the actor had his say Bad things The costume was initially supposed to be more elaborate.

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“It was more extreme. [Lanthimos] “She wanted me to look like a bird, so I had a whole chest piece that she never made because it was too much,” Ruffalo explained. “But the big butt pads, the leg pads, the thigh pads, the leg pads, they were all in play. “So when you look at that and say, ‘Wow, that looks cool’ — now you know, I was just wearing what the Avengers wear, but under my clothes. “

Mark Ruffalo reveals he wore a shoulder brace and butt pad in Poor Things

Mark Ruffalo

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

In addition to all the extra layers, Ruffalo also appears naked in a sex scene early in the film.

“I was like, ‘Should I?’ All I can hear is: “No one wants to see your old ass anymore.” “Maybe you shouldn’t do movies like this anymore,” he joked. “I mean it’s my least favorite part, but I also saw it as very comedic and also an extension of the physical comedy we had already found. So it was just another way to tell the story.”

Mark Ruffalo reveals he wore a shoulder brace and butt pad in Poor Things

Mark Ruffalo

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Downey — who was friends with Ruffalo for decades before starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — confirmed that the actor doesn’t like seeing his body on the big screen.

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“I just want to say this too, because I’ve known you forever, for one of these things Avengers “When I was in the movies, you took your shirt off, and you looked really good,” the 58-year-old Iron Man actor recalls. “And the director was like, ‘We’ve got it.’ You’re like, “Oh, can I please stop dieting and exercising now?” I have never met anyone more careful not to become arrogant beyond the point where it is necessary to achieve an end to their work.

When Ruffalo asked, “Was that a compliment?” Downey assured him, adding: “But I have to say, you look very attractive to me, in case you were wondering.”

Bad things It will be in theaters on Friday, December 8th.

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