Marilee Fiebig has unfollowed her ex-husband TJ Holmes and Amy Robach on social media – LSB

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T. J. Holmes“the ex wife Marilee Fiebig He cuts off social media ties with him and his girlfriend Amy Robach One year after the cheating scandal.

Us Weekly It can be confirmed that Fiebig, 45, unfollowed Holmes, 46, and Robach, 50, on Instagram. She was still following the couple last month when they announced their joint podcast, but as promotion for the project grew, Fiebig chose not to stay in the loop.

Holmes and Robach recently put their love on display when they became Instagram official in October. While visiting Holmes’ home state of Arkansas, the duo documented their visit to his alma mater, the University of Arkansas. One month later, Holmes and Robach announced their iHeartRadio show, which will begin broadcasting on Tuesday, December 5.

The professional collaboration comes one year after Robach and Holmes were seen relaxing outside the office on numerous occasions. At the time, Robach was married to Andrew Shaw Holmes has been married to Fiebig since 2010. They both filed for divorce after their relationship was revealed in November 2022.

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While Shaw, 56, has not commented publicly on the controversy, Fiebig addressed the state of her marriage weeks after the scandal broke.

“During the holiday season and amidst difficult times, Marylee’s sole focus remained the greater good of her 9-year-old daughter,” her attorney said. Stephanie Lehman Tell we In a January statement. “To that end, T.J.’s attorneys and I worked together to move forward with their divorce as privately, expeditiously, and amicably as possible. Despite this, we remain disappointed by T.J.’s lack of appreciation, respect, and sensitivity toward Marilee and the party’s daughter. Marilee was touched by the outpouring of Support and looking forward to a fresh start in this new year.

In the same month, we News broke that Robach and Holmes were officially dismissed from ABC, and the network later confirmed their departure GMA3.

Holmes’ divorce from Fiebig was settled in October, according to court records she reviewed we. A source has since said we That Robach would like to get to a better place with Fiebig.

“Marilee and Amy have not spoken since news of this affair broke,” an insider said days after the settlement. “Amy wants to find a solution so that she and Marlee can live in peace with each other. She knows that she will have to co-parent TJ and Marlee, so she wants to be able to co-parent in a healthy way and participate in their new normal. Amy doesn’t want to To be seen as anti-Marelli.

According to the insider, Robach is looking forward to her future with Holmes. “Amy is happy they’re finally divorced,” the source added of Robach, who was announced as legally single in April. “It was a traumatic experience for them as well, so they’re happy that it’s over and that they’re finally together in a better place and that it’s no longer considered an affair.”

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Robach and Holmes were all smiles on Friday, December 1, when they made their red carpet debut at the 2023 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball on KIIS FM. A second insider source said earlier we Robach and Holmes were excited to tell their side of the story on their podcast “Amy & TJ.”

“They want to explain and break everything down. “It wasn’t as simple or as cut and dry as the headlines made it out to be,” the source shared last month. “This is the best thing they can do to revive their careers and reintroduce themselves as a couple.”

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