Lifetime access to the ChatGPT WordPress plugin is on sale at 79% off – LSB

TL; DR: The ChatGPT WordPress Plugin Lifetime License retails for £48.69, saving you 79% off the list price.

Even if you know what you want your website to be, writing all that content takes a lot of time. Whether you’re drafting blog posts, creating landing pages, or even working on your SEO content, everything takes time.

If you want to save yourself some time, you might consider this ChatGPT WordPress plugin. This simple tool puts legendary AI on the front and back end of your WordPress website so you can generate content or just get quick answers to questions. OpenAI’s ChatGPT WordPress plugin is just £48.69 for a lifetime license.

This plugin allows you to connect your OpenAI account to your WordPress site. Add a ChatGPT button to the backend so you can get quick feedback when you’re typing, or ask the AI ​​to simply draft a post for you. Use ChatGPT to outline, edit your copy, or create entirely new content. Just remember that this is just AI and the content it creates may not be perfect on the first pass. You will still need to edit and fact-check your AI WordPress assistant.

On the front end, ChatGPT can interact with your site visitors and save you time. Instead of answering each visitor’s questions, they just need to click the familiar button and ask the AI.

This plugin connects to your personal OpenAI account. If you have already purchased the premium version of ChatGPT, this is what you will have access to on your site. If you’re still using the free version, you’ll also be limited.

See how much time you can save with a little help from AI. For a limited time, get the ChatGPT WordPress plugin for life for £48.69.

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