Kody Brown, the sister-in-law, was a “prisoner” in Kristen’s marriage, and she couldn’t say, “Hey, bitch, I’m done.” (Exclusive) – LSB

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Cody Brown He spilled the tea about why he wouldn’t break up Christine Brown Before they begin their separation in 2021.

“She called me a coward because I was never willing to break up with her,” Kody, 54, recalled to Kristen, 51, in Us WeeklyAn exclusive sneak peek at the Sunday, December 31, episode of the show Sister Wives Look Back: How It Goes private. “That’s because, well, you’re not really allowed.”

During the upcoming episode, Kody and Kristen rewatch their 2021 conversation in which Kristen asked her then-husband, “Do you want to marry me?” After he asked her the same question, she replied: “No, I don’t want to marry you.”

Kody Brown was the sister-in-law

Kody Brown, Christine Brown.


In the throwback clip, Cody said he was “good at it” and claimed: “No one is a prisoner here.” The couple, who married spiritually in 1994, announced their separation in November 2021.

“I’m the prisoner here,” Cody claims in the upcoming episode while reflecting on that fateful moment. “I can’t say, ‘Hey bitch, I’m done with you.'”

He also explains, “When a polyamorous husband says, ‘Hey, listen, I can’t deal with this woman anymore,’ he’s going through the channel of church authority,” which Cody says will then tell him he’s stuck in that relationship. “Once we commit to marrying a woman, the choice disappears,” Cody explains.

Elsewhere in the clip, Kody admits he’s “glad” that Kristen was “brave enough” to end their marriage. “Because no, I wasn’t in love with her. As much as I tried to love her, it didn’t work all the time.”

Kody Brown was the sister-in-law
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Kristen recalls discussing the breakup in 2021 as the moment where Kody “agreed that I could leave,” which she says felt “relieved” after all the ups and downs. “This is the day I took my power,” she adds. “I stopped focusing on him and started focusing on me, my life, and my kids.”

Kristin and Cody have six children: roll28, Mykelti27, bidon25, Gwendlyn22, Ysabel20, and truly13.

Since their split, two of Kody’s other three marriages have ended. Janelle Brown She announced in December 2022 that she and Cody had split. Merry Brown She confirmed the following month that she was no longer with the patriarch. Cody is still married to Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives Look Back: How It Goes It airs on TLC on Sunday, December 31 at 10 PM ET.

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