Kody Brown reveals he’s ‘glad’ he and Meri Brown ‘don’t have more kids’ in ‘Sister Wives’ special – LSB

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Kody Brown reveals he's glad he and Meri Brown didn't have more kids on Sister Wives Special 524

Ex Cody Brown And Merry Brown He reflects on his fertility problems — and the struggles of pregnancy — while looking back Sister wives Episodes.

“In retrospect, I’m really glad we didn’t have more kids,” Cody, 54, revealed on the Sunday, December 24, episode of Sister Wives Special: Look Back, Where We Started. “It wasn’t good for the baby because Meri and I were not in good health at the time.”

During Sunday’s episode, Kody and Meri, 52, watched clips from 2012 in which they were optimistic about going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in hopes of expanding their family. The couple had previously welcomed their only child. Leonin July 1995.

“It scares me to have to go through that again. I want to have another baby. I would love to,” Mery said on the Throwback episode. Kody was also supportive of the idea at the time, saying: “When we die when we’re 110, we’ll look back and be happy Because we had artificial insemination.

The former couple, who announced their split in January after more than 30 years together, then watched a clip from 2013. Within that year, they changed their tune about having more kids — or at least Kody had.

Kody Brown Reveals He's Glad He and Meri Brown Didn't Have More Children on Sister Wives Special 523

When Meri asked: “Do you want to have another child with me or not?” “I would if it just happened,” Cody admitted. “Because of the risks, I’m not burning in my gut to do it,” he noted. At this point, the couple had suffered a miscarriage in the mid-2000s after trying for over a decade.

“During that period, there was a greater realization that our marriage wasn’t really healthy,” Cody explained while looking back on the two moments.

Family of sister-in-laws Cody and Meri Brown

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Meri had similar memories of that period, telling cameras: “Kody and I were in a bit of a turbulent time.” Despite their emotional ups and downs, Meri shared, “I really wanted to have more than just one,” noting that it took her and Kody five years to have Leon.

Over the years, Meri has spoken out about her fertility issues. In May, she shared an emotional message about her previous miscarriage, which happened before she and Cody talked about another round of IVF in the above clips.

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“Today was a travel day for me, and as I was driving through this city tonight, I saw a group of three teenage-looking boys, maybe 15 or 16 years old, walking down the street with their hands in their pockets, chatting away,” Meri wrote on Instagram. That time: “I almost had to smile and kind of laugh.” “It was a fun, even bittersweet, moment for me, realizing that if my child had survived, he would probably be engaging in the same kind of teenage pranks, having the same kind of teenage moments.” “Unforgettable.”

While Meri wasn’t sure if she was expecting a boy before the miscarriage, she said her intuition told her it was a boy. She continued: “He was 15 years old now, and I often wondered what life would be like with him here.” “There is often a lot of sadness and pain surrounding this loss, but having this moment of joy today, seeing these boys happy and alive, was healing in a way for me.”

Part 2 of Sister Wives Special: Look Back, Where We Started It airs on TLC on Sunday, December 31 at 10 PM ET.

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