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Chloe Kardashian
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After he worked on himself Tristan Thompson He wants to get back on track with everyone Chloe Kardashian family. On the November 16 episode of KardashiansTristan, 32, sits down with Khloe, 39, and they discuss everything from therapy to… Jordyn Woods. Tristan is well aware of how the cheating scandal involving Jordyn, 26, turned the KarJenner family upside down, so he wants to apologize for what happened.

“If someone told me, would you believe it Kaylee [Jenner] He misses Jordin, I’d say, maybe so. “I feel bad about it,” Tristan admits. It’s been a long time since the scandal, and Khloe revealed that she’s on good terms with Jordyn now.

“I’ve forgiven Jordyn,” Khloe says. “Of course, I was upset at the time. We moved on. There’s no bad blood. Me and Jordyn are good,” she posted on my Instagram Stories.

Chloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian on the November 16 episode. (holo)

In February 2019, Tristan was caught kissing Kylie’s longtime best friend, Jordyn, at a party. Jordyn told the world publicly Red table conversation She and Tristan just kissed and nothing more. The scandal destroyed Jordyn and Kylie’s friendship and caused more problems for Khloe and Tristan. Now that the dust has settled, Khloe and Kylie, 26, have a good relationship with Jordyn.

Tristan tells Khloe that he spent a lot of time in therapy working on his issues. “He wants to prove that he’s different,” the Good American founder reveals. Tristan declares that he is “in a place now where I can see and own up to the mistakes I’ve made.”

The NBA player has already spoken Kim kardashian, Kris JennerAnd Rob Kardashian translation. He plans to talk to him Kourtney Kardashian And Kylie. “I think Kylie deserves a lot of that conversation,” Khloe says.

During their conversation, Tristan admitted that Kylie was the family member most “affected” by the scandal. Kylie had previously said that what Tristan did was “unforgivable.” Now, she allows Tristan to sit down and explain himself. “It’s hard to forgive the things she did with Chloe. But I want to move on from that,” she says. New episodes of Kardashians Premieres Thursday on Hulu.

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