Khloe Kardashian mentions Tristan Thompson’s son Theo for the first time on “The Kardashians” – LSB

Khloe Kardashian mentions Tristan Thompson's son Theo for the first time on The Kardashians 118 podcast

Chloe Kardashian.


Chloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Discussing his chaotic personal life Kardashians Nothing new — but his son was mentioned with Maralee Nichols It was unexpected.

During a new episode of Kardashians, which began airing on Thursday, November 16, Khloe, 39, and Tristan, 32, recalled the paternity scandal that led to the athlete’s on-screen apology tour. Before Tristan addressed his betrayal in separate conversations with Kylie Jenner And Kourtney Kardashian-Talk again to Chloe.

“It’s all about growth. Everyone has their time to grow. “That’s what therapy helped me realize is that you can’t live life with regrets,” he told his ex-wife, with whom he shares daughter True, 5, and son Tatum, 17 months. “I’m in A place where I can truly see and own [up] For the mistakes I made. “I don’t think I would have known for years the damage I might have caused.”

In her confessional, Khloe praised Tristan for taking the necessary steps to deal with his personal issues.

Tristan Thompson shares a mysterious quote about learning

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“Tristan has been doing a lot of therapy work and has been working on himself a lot. He wants to prove that he’s a different person and that I’m not really involved in these things,” she explained to the cameras. “That’s between him and each family member.”

The Good American co-founder reminded Tristan that not everyone has overcome his numerous infidelity scandals, adding: “In this family, if you do something to one of us, it affects everyone. And they have a right to their feelings. It’s not a small thing that happened. But time has passed.” “And it’s over. My son is here and your other son is here.”

Khloe Kardashian mentions Tristan Thompson's son Theo for the first time in The Kardashians 116 series

Tristan Thompson.

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Tristan became a father when his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig They welcomed their son Prince in 2016. After their split, Tristan moved in with Khloe and they announced they were expecting a baby one year later. Their daughter, True, was born in 2018.

After dating on-and-off amid several cheating scandals, Tristan and Khloe briefly rekindled their romance in 2021. Later that year, news broke that Maralee, 33, was suing the NBA player for child support. Tristan admitted in January 2022 that he is the father of Maralee’s now 23-month-old son, Theo, after requesting genetic testing.

“I take full responsibility for my actions,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to raising our son amicably. I sincerely apologize to everyone I have hurt or disappointed throughout this ordeal, both publicly and privately.”

Tristan Thompson Dating History

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Tristan and Khloe expanded their family for the second time with their little one in July 2022 via surrogacy. (The couple discovered their second pregnancy before news broke about Maralee’s lawsuit.)

During his candid conversation with Khloe, Tristan said he wanted to ask her family for forgiveness. “As a man, you have to own your rights,” he noted of his decision to go on an apology tour after speaking privately with Kris Jenner, Rob Kardashian And Kim kardashian.

Tristan’s attempt to make things right was the main theme of season 4, which didn’t leave everyone happy. Jordan’s sister Kay Craig Tristan was recently accused of not being a present parent to Prince as footage of him posing with his kids with Khloe was aired on Hulu.

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Kay wrote on her Instagram account in October: “It has been very difficult to refrain from speaking, and out of respect for my sister’s privacy, I have not done this in more than 7 years, but this is too much.” “It’s so painful to see how Tristan can find time to do such nice things for others but can’t seem to show up and be a real father to my nephew Prince.”

Kai wondered why Tristan didn’t make any effort for his eldest child. “The fact that he can take other kids to school and activities in the same city, but never sees or talks to his son, unless it’s for a party or a photo opportunity, is attractive and inexcusable,” she continued. “Growing up for your kid isn’t just about the money, it’s about the time he spends. [Tristan,] You are not a good parent if you cannot be a good parent to all of your children.

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