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Keke Palmer talks about beautiful holiday traditions and milestones with his son Leo 956

Keke Palmer.

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Keke Palmer I couldn’t be more excited to start creating new holiday traditions with his 9-month-old son, Leo.

“I love the idea of ​​making ornaments for each year [Leo’s] First, second, third, fifth, whatever birthday it is,” Palmer, 30, said exclusively Us Weekly While promoting its partnership with HelloFresh. “But also the idea that it’s something that could be a namesake within our family. That’s something I’m excited about.”

Palmer shared that she first got the idea from a friend who gave her some custom ornaments with Leo’s face printed on them.

“Maybe it could become a tradition…every year, to make a new custom to celebrate his age and growth, something he could also pass down and do with his children,” she continued. “I think this is actually a tradition that we will probably continue.”

Keke Palmer over the years

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Throughout her career, Keke Palmer has proven that the sky is the limit, and she’s just getting started. Palmer began singing in the church choir at the age of five, and after moving to Los Angeles, she quickly achieved success in acting. She rose to fame after starring in her own Nickelodeon series, True Jackson, VP, from […]

Palmer met Leo with her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson In February after two years of dating. The pair have since called it quits. Palmer obtained a temporary restraining order against Jackson, 29, last month after she claimed he physically assaulted her “several times” throughout their relationship and filed for full custody of their son.

Now, Palmer is focused on celebrating Leo’s major milestones as he continues to grow. “He’s been going back and forth, which is really cool,” she said. we. “He’s kind of been — not crawling, crawling, sliding. So it’s like he’s about to crawl. He’s also got a soft tooth at the bottom that’s getting ready to come out. So I’m very excited about that.”

Palmer has been documenting her motherhood journey since announcing her pregnancy in December 2022. Since then, she’s been candid about the ups and downs of parenthood, from finding a healthy work-life balance to silencing critics who judge her for breastfeeding in public.

Keke Palmer talks sweet holiday traditions and milestones with son Leo 957
Courtesy of Keke Palmer/Instagram

“I think I carry a lot of shame sometimes when I’m in public,” she shared during a September episode of her radio show “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer.” “I didn’t want to make others feel uncomfortable, and I had to avoid worrying about that.”

Being honest about her life experience is something Palmer is known for, whether she’s detailing her struggle with acne, criticizing unrealistic body standards, or opening up about her sexuality. Palmer said she strives to be as relatable as possible so she can inspire others to believe that “success is easy to come by.” we.

“It always seems that to be successful, there’s this idea that it’s only for heartless people,” she explained. “And I think for me it’s: No, success is yours. Success is available to you as someone who follows their dreams and believes in themselves and that’s persistent.

Palmer noted that she wants others to see that everything she has accomplished is “accessible” to them, too. “Because when people don’t feel connected to you, it becomes difficult for them, I think, to achieve their personal goals,” she said. “So, if I’m not doing my part in making sure that they can relate to me or that they feel connected to me, so that they feel more inspired to achieve their goals, then I don’t think I’m really doing my job.”

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From receiving a 2023 Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her show password with Jimmy Fallon, to her new single “Serious” released last month along with her holiday single “Christmas Kisses,” there’s not much Palmer can’t do. She’s a quadruple threat and a mom who’s always on the go, which is exactly why she teamed up with HelloFresh.

“With the kind of schedule I have, it’s always nice to be able to know you can have easy meals ready,” she said. “So when I was chosen for this amazing partnership, I was really excited because it’s a way to eat healthy, but also to make it fun and keep it exciting.”

Palmer added that now is the “best time” to sign up for HelloFresh, where customers can get a free breakfast included with every order for life. “[It’s] “It’s just a perfect partnership, honestly,” she said.

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