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“I don’t care how cool or wonderful you are or whatever you think. Get it over with, honey, what matters is family.” Keith Richards Tell GQ In 2015. “This is what I did it for.” With stunning licks on songs like “Satisfaction,” “Beast of Burden” and “Happy,” Rolling stones The guitarist has etched his legacy into the rock and roll history books. However, for Keith, his true mark on the world will be the children he leaves behind. He was married twice – the first time Anita Pallenberg And then to Patty Hansen – Keith had five children in his life. Here’s the scoop on Keith Richard’s kids for those who don’t know the family behind the rock icon.

Marlon Richards

Marlon Richards in 2017 (Nick Harvey/Shutterstock)

Marlon Richards was born on August 10, 1969, and is Keith’s eldest child. Firstborn child of Keith and Anita Pallenberg, Marlon didn’t have the most traditional upbringing. “We were on the road a lot, traveling on tour, and I would take my son everywhere. I didn’t send Marlon to school until he was eight,” Anita said. Alan Elkan interviews In 2017. “I taught him how to read and write while Keith’s mother looked after my daughter.”

Anita and Keith were married from 1967 to 1969 but remained friendly after that. She eventually broke it off with Keith due to their family’s needs. “Because the kids are growing,” Anita said. Alan Elkan. “My son would also say to his father, ‘Dad, you’re never there.’” Keith supported this claim in 2015, saying: GQ That his son received a harsh upbringing. “Of course, it was difficult for him, growing up like gypsies, outlaws and nomads. No education. On the road,” he said.

In 2010, daily Mail She mentioned that Marlon lived on a farm and worked as a curator, graphic artist, and photographer. Keith said GQ His son has three children, and he is excited whenever they visit.

Angela Richards

Angela Richards in 2012 (Richard Young/Shutterstock)

Born on April 17, 1972, as Dandelion Angela Richards, she is the second child of Keith, who lived with her grandmother, Richards’ mother. Doris. When Doris died in 2007, Angela moved into a large estate owned by her father, according to The Guardian. heavy. She is said to run a riding school and has done her best to live a life out of the limelight.

Angela was previously married to Dominic Jennings. The couple married in 1998 and have been together for 15 years. Mr. Jennings died in January 2021 after being hit by a train, according to NBC. Daily Mail.

Tara Richards

Keith Richards Anita Pallenberg (Peter Kemp/AP/Shutterstock)

Keith and Anita had a third child, a son Tara RichardsWho was born in March 1976. Unfortunately, the baby died of sudden infant death syndrome when he was two months old. Keith was busy touring with the band the day Tara died and was criticized for performing the night he learned of Tara’s death.

“It was a huge shock at the time, especially,” he said on BBC Radio 4. Desert Island Discs In 2015. “I get a phone call in Paris, and this happened in Geneva, and I thought I’m going crazy… unless I do this show tonight. If I sit here with this idea, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe it was just a feeling of preserving Self… It was a rough, rough thing. I had a feeling that this was a show, and I had to get on stage. I would worry and be sad and think about all this after the show. Because if I hadn’t gotten on stage, I would probably have shot myself.

Theodora Richards

(Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

After Keith and Anita quit in 1979, he found love again with… Patty Hansen, American model and actress. They married on December 18, 1983, and two years later, they welcomed their first child together. Theodora Dupree Richards Born March 18, 1985.

“I am truly so blessed. My parents have stayed together, and I love their love,” Theodora said. Interview magazine While sharing some family photos of her with the publication. “And I can just see my dad, and he’s cursing me, and he’s hugging me, and I love that picture so much. There should be about two of us. We should be watching TV or Dumbo [1999] Because that’s what my father said he should watch over and over again. This was my movie as a kid. I lived for this little elephant.

In addition to her modeling work, she has also famously appeared alongside her Elizabeth Jagger For the Tommy Hilfiger campaign – Theodora aired a monthly show on SiriusXM called Off the cuff.

Alexandra Richards

Alexandra Richards in 2020 (Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

Alexandra Nicole Richards was born on July 28, 1986. She is the youngest child of Keith Richards and his second child with Patti Hansen.

“I’ve always been the shyest person,” Alexandra told The New York Times. New York Post In 2019. “My mother was still working as a model in her 30s and 40s, so when my sister and I were young, we would participate in photo shoots. It was always normal to run around in the background, play dress-up, and have fun. It was so glamorous. But I was never in the spotlight. My mom always wanted me to be in school plays. My sister always got the lead role, and I was always in the background as a tree or snowflake.

Alexandra followed her mother into the family business. She got her first modeling job at the age of 14: a photo shoot with Theodora for Tommy Hilfiger. Alexandra started doing runway work two years later. At the age of 21, she put her modeling career on hold and began focusing on DJing.

Keith was initially shocked that his daughter wanted to get into music. “He supports me in almost anything I do,” Alexandra said. FHM (for every Fox News) in 2017. “If I wanted to be a doctor tomorrow, he would say, ‘Good luck!’” [But] With DJ, I think it was a shock to him. Being a musician, who used to go to events where live musicians played, and now seeing me as a DJ… he had a hard time understanding what a new DJ was. But I don’t know, I’ve been working on it, and it kind of opens his mind.

While her career has been in DJing, Alexandra has focused on philanthropy, which includes working with the non-profit Sphere, which aims to enrich the lives of adults with disabilities, and Project 0, an organization aiming to protect the world’s oceans. “Charity is my passion, it means something to me in the end,” she said. mail.

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