‘Jolly Little Batman’ Trailer Teases Joker’s Grinchy Plans To Steal Christmas – LSB

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Animation of a little Batman standing over a snowing Gotham City.

Batman’s son Damian Wayne wants to be like his father and this Christmas he will get that gift.

On Prime Video’s Jolly little Batmandirected by Regular showMike Roth and written by Morgan Evans and Jace Ritchie, Gotham City, usually decorated with criminals, is crime-free thanks to the caped crusader (voiced by Luke Wilson). So he’s free to enjoy the holidays with his kid and his new beard. But when the Justice League comes calling, he goes on a mission, beard and all, despite Alfred’s (James Cromwell) feedback.

Meanwhile, The Joker (David Hornsby) has his own plans for the Grinchy to steal Christmas, and with Batman out of the picture, it’s up to Damian (Jonas Kibreab) to don a suit and get to work. We guess it’s suddenly Christmas movie season.

How to watch: Jolly little Batman airs on Prime Video from December 8.

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