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To the editor: This is an inflection point for Republicans in the House of Representatives. (“Jim Jordan loses second vote for House speaker, but vows to try again,” Oct. 18)

Let’s assume there are still Republican House members left who believe in integrity, courage and bipartisan government. Let’s also assume that they have faith that their constituencies are not poisoned by hate and lies. Finally, let’s say they are brave enough to come out of hiding.

If that’s true, the group should create its own voting bloc within the party, negotiate with Democrats and install Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (DN.Y.) as speaker, if Democrats agree to take moderate Republicans’ concerns into account. . About future laws.

Oh, the rep. Big bullies like Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) will yell and threaten and expose themselves more as authoritarians. But in one broad brushstroke, they will be removed and the business of the US government can go on.

Bob Walter, Sierra Madre


To the editor: Every Republican member of Congress from California voted for Jordan on Wednesday. The election of a speaker is particularly critical because of a government shutdown next month, not to mention aid for Ukraine and Israel.

Voting for Jordan is a very important task for each of our Southern California representatives. One could say it indicates their true loyalty, with all those pretty ribbon cuttings and “we’re here to help” images they like to portray.

So, voters, here are the names of Southern California representatives to keep on your refrigerator and remember in 2024: Ken Calvert (Corona), Mike Garcia (Santa Clarita), Darrell Issa (Bonsal), Young Kim (La Habra), Jay Obernolte ( Big Bear Lake) and Michelle Steele (Seal Beach).

Anne Joynt, Laguna Woods


To the editor: My, how fast things change in our political world these days. Rap a few months ago. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) was courting far-right Republicans in his desperate bid to become speaker.

After Jordan failed to get enough votes to be re-elected Speaker, McCarthy was told: “You had eight lunatics leading [Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz] That follows every Democrat to shut down a branch of government. Now is that going to be the new rule?”

Yet it wasn’t that long ago that McCarthy was desperate for those same “lunatics” when he wanted to be speaker.

No wonder the House can’t function properly: According to your article, members feast on “pizza and cartons of Diet Coke” during breaks.

Lynn Lorenz, Newport Beach

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