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Saturday Night Live She addressed the viral Roman Empire trend in a fun rap song.

During the Saturday, November 18 episode of Snell, A group of women (played by Financial, Punky Johnson And Chloe Trost) They wondered what their husbands were doing (portrayed by the episode’s host Jason Momoa, Mickey’s day And Kenan Thompson) I think often.

“Lately it seems like the magic’s gone / He’s the love of my life, but something’s wrong,” sings Nodim, 35, as Momoa, 44, looks away. “Would he be happier alone?”

After Nwodim pointedly asked Momoa for his final thoughts, he launched into an extensive rap (in his old wrestler garb) to explain.

Us Weekly found out how much male celebrities thought about the Roman Empire

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Social media users were completely shocked to find out how many times men think about the Roman Empire every day. The question was first asked by TikTok user Madeline Heller earlier this month, who noted that she was surprised to learn that her husband thinks about ancient Rome at least once a week. […]

“Me? I just think about the Roman Empire/Ancient Rome/Five times a day I show up at my dome.” Which reminds me they called the dome. This is one of the reasons I’m considering Rome!

Momoa adds:[Julius] The Tsar did not give af–k / Drinking ice-cold water from a canal / But it is the eternal city / Here he and his twin [Remus] Sucking a wolf’s breast. What!”

Trost, 26, and Johnson, 38, had similar revelations about their on-screen spouses (Day and Thompson, respectively) acting distant from each other and not expressing concern for their families.

Jason Momoa finally gives us an answer to the Roman Empire trend in Gladiator Rap

“Rome, Rome in the year Double M, Double X, Triple I / Did you know their statues weren’t white?” The 43-year-old chimes in today. “They painted it in bold, bright colors. Emperor Nero killed his mother / And when they were taken, they sat next to each other.

The Roman Empire trend started trending on TikTok back in September SNL Season 49 has begun. In numerous videos on social media, many women were completely shocked to find that their partners think about the historical topic at least once a week. Momoa and SNL The men took to the Studio 8H stage on Saturday to highlight the achievements of the Roman Empire.

“It’s Rome, Rome, ancient Rome. They have central air and heat in the house,” Momoa adds before Nwodim slaps him for living in his fantasy. He passed this trait on to their son, who is obsessed with dinosaurs.

“I said, you’re acting like Visigoths now,” he replied, beginning the last stanza of a paean. “[Dinosaurs are] Kind of like Rome, Rome, ancient Rome / like London, Paris, Zurich and Cologne! In terms of religion…

Jason Momoa finally gives us an answer to the Roman Empire trend in Gladiator Rap

Nodim interrupted Momoa, telling him he needed to “think about the important things today” like astrology.

“Astrology and astrology and reading stars / And how they define us,” she sings alongside Trost and Johnson. “Look, Scorpio I know he’ll cheat all day / And if you’re a triple Gemini, stay the hell away / Because astrology!”

However, Momoa offered the counter-view that the ancient Romans were “actually interested” in astrology as well. Nodim was not listening to his refutation. “I said, ‘I’m done,'” she adds with another fake slap.

Saturday Night Live It airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 PM ET.

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