Jason Kelsey says he had a lot of fun seeing how happy Travis was watching Taylor Swift perform – LSB

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Jason Kelsey He plays the role of supportive big brother when it comes down to it Travis Kelseyrelationship with Taylor Swift.

While Jason, 36, wasn’t in Argentina with his brother Travis, 34, to watch Taylor, 33, perform, the Philadelphia Eagles center still had “a lot of fun” watching his brother’s happiness unfold.

“It’s been a lot of fun to watch him on social media,” Jason told Travis during his New Heights podcast on Wednesday, November 15. “It was so much fun to see the look on your face. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Travis took the NFL’s bye week as an opportunity to show his support for Taylor as her leg in South America Tour of the ages It launched in Buenos Aires last weekend. The Kansas City Chiefs were seen interacting with Taylor’s father, Scott Swifton the show on Saturday, November 11, and even shared a rather romantic kiss with the “Anti-Hero” singer.

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“For those of you who haven’t seen all my videos on my TikTok and Instagram feed, I was enjoying myself out there in Buenos Aires,” Travis shared during Wednesday’s podcast episode. “The show was more exciting knowing that I had so much to enjoy.”

Travis praised Taylor’s performance, saying she “teared it up” on stage.

“She killed it and she looked like she was having some fun out there,” he added, noting that it was time for Jason to make his way to one of Taylor’s shows.

“I’d like to go,” Jason said. “This is going to totally blow your mind, man,” Travis added.

Travis appears on Saturday Tour of the ages The show made headlines for a number of reasons, but Taylor’s lyrical change when closing the show with “Karma” garnered the biggest reaction from fans. She sang “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs” instead of “Karma is the guy on the screen” during the song. Fans who recorded the moment filmed Travis blushing during the sweet scream.

Initially, the NFL star said he had “no idea” what she was planning to do with the song, but he was quick to backtrack.

Jason Kelsey had a lot of fun seeing how happy Travis was on the Eras tour

Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, was spotted dancing at her concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“Well, maybe I had a little clue,” he explained to Jason on Wednesday. “But of course, when I heard that come out of her mouth, I was still shocked. I was like, ‘Oh… she just said that.’

Due to the shock, Travis did not respond to Taylor’s father Big Five at the time of the shouting.

“Swift, my apologies, big guy,” he said during Wednesday’s podcast. “I never miss a high-five party either, big guy who celebrates high-fives. It’s the most electric thing you can do at an event.

This is the second time Travis has been at Tour of the ages mobilize. He previously watched the concert in July, which led to a loss of contact between him and Taylor. After the show, Travis revealed on “New Heights” that he tried (and couldn’t) give Taylor her number. Taylor returned the favor by attending one of Travis’ games in September, and their relationship has only gotten stronger since then.

“Travis and Taylor are a very real couple. They spend a lot of time together and have developed a very real connection,” a source said. Us Weekly Advance this month. “They have very detailed plans on how to stay together while she is on tour and he has games.”

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