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Jason Kelce wrote an original Christmas song for the Philadelphia Eagles holiday album
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It’s about to be a very Kelsey Christmas.

Jason Kelsey Younger brother — and Kansas City Chiefs tight end — has been drafted. Travis Kelsey For the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2nd Annual Holiday Album, Christmas special in Phillys. The pair have collaborated on the duet “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” which will be released on Wednesday, November 15.

Before the song’s premiere, the album’s official Instagram page released a teaser for the song. “Philly, are we going to let the president steal the show? No way,” he captioned the post. “But we’ll be enjoying the newly reimagined single, ‘Fairytale of Philadelphia’ by Jason and Travis Kelce. Streaming everywhere tomorrow! 🎄.”

Along with a sneak peek of the track, there’s a clip of Jason and Travis singing along to wooden statues — dressed in their best holiday attire — while other Eagles players look on jealously.

“You’re handsome,” Travis exclaims to Jason during the performance. Jason replies: “You’re beautiful,” before the younger Kelsey adds: “You’re the king of South Philly.”

Happy Birthday - Mariah Carey (1994)

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Christmas special in Phillythe follow-up to the group’s 2022 album that raised more than $1 million for local charities, will hit shelves Friday, December 1, and will feature tunes by Jason and his fellow offensive lineman. Jordan Mailata And Lynn JohnsonBeside Patti LaBelle, Amos Lee, TrumpetsEric Bazilian And rob heyman,Members of the War on Drugs and Silver Ages Choir.

The NFL took to X (formerly Twitter) On Monday, November 13, to show how the duo turned out, he shared a video of Jason, 36, asking Travis, 34, to “jump” on a song for the record.

“It’s two people fighting, but they really love each other,” Jason explained to his little brother over the phone in the clip. “It’s kind of a really good take on our relationship. I think it could be a look at the relationship between two brothers and how busy you are with your family life and how much that affects where you end up in life.”

While promoting the album during an October appearance on Channel today show, Jason quipped that it would be “unbelievable” to have Travis as a girlfriend, Taylor Swift, also sang on the album — but noted that fans will have to wait a little longer for that wish to come true. (Travis and Swift, 33, have been romantically linked since she attended a Chiefs game in September.)

“Maybe. Not this time, not this time. …Maybe in the future,” the Today host joked Shenell Jones He replied: “Talk about raising money for charity. You could break the Internet.”

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelsey's most supportive quotes about each other, their brotherly bond

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Jason and Travis talked about creating the album with Mailata, 26, during an episode of their podcast “New Heights” earlier this month. For his part, Mailata said the guys “saw more song creation this year than we did last year, and I’ll take that with me forever.”

Jason agreed with his bandmate, adding: “I’m right there with you, and I think you and I and Lynn will be on the face of the album, but there’s a lot of musicians out there.”

Meanwhile, Travis said it was “really cool” to watch the project come together. “Hats off to you guys,” he said.

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