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Apple’s weirdest tech compromise could continue with next year’s iPhone.

According to leaks from South Korean tech site Naver and a Twitter leaker @Tech_Reve, the main display on the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus may still stick with a 60Hz refresh rate. For the uninitiated, this is how many times per second the display refreshes — and a higher refresh rate creates a smoother experience when scrolling, watching videos, playing mobile games, and more.


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To be fair, 60Hz by itself is not a bad refresh rate, but it’s quite a bit lower than what’s become standard in recent flagship smartphones. Both of Google’s Pixel 8 phones have a 120Hz refresh rate – even the budget Pixel 7a from earlier this year hits 90Hz. In fact, Apple clearly understands this as well as anyone, because both iPhone 15 Pro models have 120Hz displays.


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It’s just a weird hill for Apple to die on, especially as the company upgrades the iPhone’s base displays in other ways, like adding Dynamic Island support this year. But hey, maybe those leaks are wrong. Let’s hope so.

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