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Instagram users can now share reels and posts exclusively with their close friends.

On Tuesday, the Meta-owned social media platform announced a new tool that can make your feed look significantly different: certain posts will only appear to those on your close friends list, indicated by the green star icon. which is already associated with the existing function.


Instagram’s Close Friends feature is essential to my mental health

Close Friends is favored by many Instagram users who use the feature as a safe space away from the inherent pressures of social media. The feature allows users to share Stories and Notes with a select group of people from a larger group of followers. Note that close friends can see each other’s usernames if they like, comment or share your post.

Instagram screenshots showing posts for close friends only.

Credit: Instagram

With the new update, users will be able to share even more content with this list. It has the potential to resemble or even replicate what finstas once offered: a place to post things you don’t want everyone to see on your main feed.

Here’s how to do it.

How to share drums and posts with close friends only

Step 1: Upload a post or thread.

Press the + button in the middle of the menu at the bottom of the app. Select ‘Post’ or ‘Reel’, edit what you want to share to your liking, then hit ‘Next’.

Step 2: Tap “Audience”.

Before sharing, click Audience (under Tag People), then select Close Friends.

A screenshot of the Instagram screen just before you hit publish, showing the close friends setting.

Credit: Mashable / Instagram

Step 3: Share!

Your post will then be visible only to those in your close friends list marked with a small green star icon in the top right.

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