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Strong business woman Durana Sciences She easily balances raising two daughters, ages 8 and 10, and running one of the most successful natural and organic supplement companies in the industry with her husband, shooting star. I have been able to ride the waves of life through hard work, raising children with love, and vacationing in luxury. My science is always off to the next island or beach, and that means taking the family (and the dog) too. She is involved with Hollywood life Where she loves now (Cabo!) and her bucket list for the perfect A-list staycation.

Her last trip and why did you love it?

Los Cabos montage. “The resort is family and couple friendly and an incredibly upscale environment. The restaurants are amazing. The staff is great – making reservations happen or anything the kids want.

Strengthening family ties through travel.

Easy access to a private airport and fast passport control are some of the things that matter to Elmi and her family. While living in San Diego, she declared Mexico one of the most suitable weekend destinations. “It’s a quick flight. We get on the plane. You just grab your snacks and then we’re off right away.”

Los Cabos montage

Happy kids, happy mom.

Experiencing hospitality as a family means everyone should feel special. Montage Los Cabos presents the small details that make a real difference. “The most important thing is to create a personal experience. Sometimes I leave a piece of chocolate with my daughters’ names on it or a card. For me, it makes them feel special from the start.”

Family friendly environment.

Personal experience is crucial, but so is the family-friendly aspect. Since her two children are under 12, Elmi makes sure the atmosphere is suitable for girls. “For me, I have two daughters who really look forward to everything I do, look around and are very curious, I want to protect my children as much as I can. I want a very upscale, clean environment with the right people.

Five star service.

Montage Los Cabos assigned the family a butler upon check-in. “You’re at the pool, is there anything I can get you?” The kids wanted floats and they were there in a blink of an eye. Because we were a large group, even the restaurants were very cooperative in giving us a private area inside the restaurant.

Los Cabos montage

Beach or kids club, decisions, decisions.

In addition to the personal touches, the entertainment activities are another guarantee for the whole family to have an experience that exceeds expectations from the beach to the facilities. “The kids have a great time in the pool and also at the beach, as they only spent a few hours in the kids club. But overall we like to make sure the kids clubs are clean, [and] To determine the ratio of children to caregivers.”

Another issue of equal priority is safety, especially with waterfront amenities. “If we’re going somewhere beachfront, we want to make sure the beach is safe,” she says.

Maternity advice.

Two well-behaved kids finally take the stress out of travel. “For them, it’s just about the pool and the restaurants. They’re very girly girls, so they like to dress up. They don’t run down the hall and act crazy. I always tell them: If you want to go to adult places, you have to act like a little adult.”

Make your husband a priority, too.

Elmi also devotes time to research and development with her husband. A trip to the spa at Montage Los Cabos is always on the agenda, with all the amenities such as a dry sauna, wet sauna, pool, jacuzzi and cold plunge. “We massaged for 90 minutes, and my husband and I went into a coma.”

Aside from the pampering — accompanied by some snoring — her husband spent time at the pool and pool bar, watching sports and drinking “Duranas,” the signature cocktail he made for her.

Los Cabos montage

safety first.

Security is always the biggest concern when it comes to traveling abroad with family.

“There are security cameras everywhere. From the moment we were taken from the private airport to the hotel, I felt very safe. Safety today, in the world we live in, is a priority for me and my children. I want to be able to feel safe,” she says.

Sweet suite.

Elmi always wants a room that has a direct connection to her girls. “At Montage Los Cabos, our room was a villa and had an attached room for the girls. We had our own living room with a half bath, which was then connected to my kids room which had double beds and a full bathroom. They had their own patio area with jacuzzi. It was as if everyone felt like they had their own space.

Just like she runs her business.

Ultimately, a resort with a high level of service in its business is what Elmi values ​​most. She prefers “a hotel or resort that puts the customer first [and] Can be quick to come up with solutions – be professional, have good internal communication, be clean and feel safe. Where I ultimately know that the hotel cares about myself and my family.

“Personal relationships make people want to come back. In our business, in the supplement space, that’s the main reason we don’t offload our customer experience. We wanted a very personal experience with each one of our customers. We want to be part of their health journey.”

Los Cabos montage

Two shocks to the Los Cabos montage.

Elmi took her mother’s toy Maltese on a dog walk and got the VIP treatment. “And on the second day, they made these little things [gifts in] Bone shape. It’s engraved with the puppy’s name.

All these details combined comprise what makes a family vacation truly unforgettable. “It’s those little things that matter. When [they] Make it personal, I feel like my family is important to me [them]“My knowledge says.

Alamy created the world’s first personalized subscription package platform and broke huge records. In just the past four years, Cymbiotika has achieved record numbers, doubling customer subscriptions to a total of over 150,000 subscribers and increasing annual revenue from $1 million to over $100 million. Cymbiotika has added more than 40 SKUs to the company’s product offerings in the past three years.

Article by Melinda Shekels

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