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Hunter Biden set up monthly payments to Joe Biden from an account for his own company that received payments from China, according to House Oversight Committee Chairman Comer.

Comer on Monday released subpoenaed bank records that show Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC, made “direct monthly payments to Joe Biden.”

Payments, according to the bank document, were set up to occur “monthly” for a total of $1,380.00.

“This was not a payment from Hunter Biden’s personal account, but rather an account from his company that received payments from China and other suspicious places in the world,” Coomer said in a video message on Monday.

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Hunter Biden

Subpoena records by the House Oversight Committee reveal that Hunter Biden set up monthly payments from his business account to Joe Biden’s personal account. (Silal Jones)

Comer in September had subpoenaed the personal and business banking records of Hunter Biden and James Biden as part of the committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings and whether President Biden benefited from those ventures.

A source familiar with the investigation told Fox News Digital that Owasco PC sent payments at least three times to Joe Biden’s personal account.

Payments were made on September 17, 2018; October 15, 2018; And November 15, 2018.

“At this moment, Hunter Biden is under investigation by the Department of Justice for using the Owasco computer for tax evasion and other serious crimes,” Coomer said.

Fox News Digital reported last week that a banking investigator raised concerns about Hunter Biden receiving a $5 million transfer from a Chinese company in August 2018 to his bank account, Hudson West III. Hunter Biden then transferred $400,000 to his Owasco personal computer account. The funds were then transferred to a business account belonging to James Biden, and were later transferred to a personal account belonging to James Biden and Sarah Biden. Coomer claims they used this money to cut Joe Biden a check for $40,000. This check is labeled “Loan Repayment.”

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He added, “Based on whistleblower testimony, we know that the Department of Justice made a concerted effort to prevent investigators from asking questions about Joe Biden. I wonder why?” Coomer said Monday, referring to allegations that Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie Wolf worked to “limit” questions about the “big guy.” Sources say the “big guy” is Joe Biden.

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President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied any involvement in his son Hunter’s business dealings. (Kevin Deitch)

“The payments from Hunter’s business entity to Joe Biden are now part of a pattern revealing that Joe Biden knew about, participated in, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes,” Coomer said.

“When Joe Biden was vice president, he spoke on the phone, made dinner, and had coffee with his son’s foreign business partners.

“He allowed his son to board Air Force One at least a dozen times to sell the Biden brand around the world,” Coomer said. The space he planned to share with a Chinese energy company.”

“We exposed how Joe Biden received checks from his family that were funded by Biden’s influence-peddling schemes — China no less,” Coomer said.

“The House Oversight Committee continues to investigate Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s domestic and international business schemes at an accelerating pace,” Coomer added.

Joe and Hunter Biden

Joe and his son Hunter Biden. (Andrew Harnick)

Comer pledged to “continue to uncover the facts and provide transparency about the results of our investigation.”

“President Biden and his family must be held accountable for this blatant corruption,” Coomer said. “The American people expect nothing less.”


Coomer is jointly leading the impeachment inquiry against President Biden along with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith.

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