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TL; DR: The best way to protect yourself from Amazon scams is with a powerful password manager like NordPass.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are upon us, which means many people will be turning their attention to the deals Amazon has to offer. This means that fraudsters will also be more focused on the site, as there will be more opportunities to steal money and information from buyers.

If you’re looking to protect yourself from Amazon threats this Black Friday, we’ve got all the information you need.

The most common scams on Amazon

Amazon scams involve fraudsters impersonating Amazon or its sellers to trick customers. Here are some common Amazon scams to watch out for when shopping:

  • Phishing emails — A fraudulent message that appears to be from Amazon but is sent by scammers. These emails tend to ask recipients to click on links or download attachments, which can lead to the theft of personal information or login credentials.

  • Amazon Seller Account Scams — Fraudsters create fake Amazon seller accounts to list products they don’t have. After buyers make payments, scammers disappear without sending anything.

  • Fake call scams — Fraudsters impersonate Amazon customer support representatives through phone calls seeking to obtain personal information, financial details, or access to your computer.

  • Amazon Fake Gift Card Scam — Scammers convince victims to purchase gift cards and share the card codes.

These types of scams are common due to the popularity of Amazon and how easy it is to create fake listings.

How to avoid Amazon scams

There are many tactics you can use to avoid Amazon scams:

  • Check the sender’s email address or website URL to make sure it’s really from Amazon

  • Remain skeptical of deals that look too good or have unusually low prices

  • Watch out for spelling mistakes, bad grammar, or generic greetings in emails or messages

  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading attachments from unknown sources

  • Check seller ratings, reviews and feedback before making a purchase

  • Avoid unsolicited communications, especially phone calls asking for personal information or payments

You should also use strong, unique passwords for your Amazon account and change them regularly with a password manager.

What is the best password manager?

There are many effective password managers out there, but NordPass might be the best password manager for avoiding Amazon fraud. NordPass can generate strong and unique passwords in just seconds and helps you ensure that all your password combinations are secure and hard to crack.

A two-year subscription to the NordPass Family Premium plan retails for £53.73, saving you 54% off the list price. This plan lets you link up to six accounts and comes with a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Protect yourself from Amazon fraud with NordPass.

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