‘House of Villains’ star Johnny Bananas reveals if he’s dating co-star Corinne Olympios – LSB

Johnny Banana And Corinne Olympios It sparked romance rumors afterward Which Steamy hot tub scene in House of villains, so viewers want to know if they’re dating IRL. the challenge The alum, 41, revealed the status of their relationship during an exclusive video interview with Hollywood life.

“What are we? What are we not?” Johnny asked jokingly before explaining the truth behind their relationship status. “Listen. Obviously you can tell there’s definitely a lot of chemistry there. Sparks flew House of villains. I mean, the hot tub scene they did is one of the greatest edits in the history of reality TV. I’ll put it this way – we’re more than friends, less than lovers.

The duo was openly flirting with each other during their time together H!’The series features 10 of reality TV’s most iconic villains from shows like The Bachelor, Love Is Blind, The Apprentice And more. Cast members compete for a cash prize of $200,000, and whoever wins is crowned “American Super Villain.”

Johnny Bananas Corinne Olympios Exclusive

Earlier this week, Corrine, 31, sparked romance rumors by posting several Instagram photos with Johnny. They were both wearing Riot Society t-shirts that said “In the Age of Punk.” In one of the photos, Johnny appeared approaching Corinne while she looked at the camera. Two weeks ago, Johnny responded to Corinne via X (formerly known as Twitter) with super flirty statements Answer To her tweet she said: “Who’s watching? House of villains Tonight on H! Tonight at 10pm?”

“You… me… hot tub,” Johnny tweeted in response using several emojis: thumbs up, devil face, corn and banana. Furthermore, in a photo exclusively obtained by Hollywood Life, Johnny and Corinne appeared on the PDA at the opening of Rumble Boxing in East Boca Raton, Florida.

Although they are not officially in a relationship at the moment, Johnny confirmed to Hollywood Life that Bachelor’s The season 21 contestant is “honestly one of my favorite people I’ve ever met.”

“We’re great together, we work great together, we have a great time,” he explained before noting, “However… it’s a tough world trying to continue any kind of functional relationship, like, you know.” . So, right now, we’re just enjoying each other’s company, taking things slow, and, you know, obviously we’re still really close.

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