Gwen Stefani reveals emotional moment during her wedding to Blake Shelton where ‘all the makeup came off’ – LSB

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani
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Overwhelmed with love! Gwen Stefani: a famous American singer She just revealed the moment during her wedding to Blake Shelton So much so that she became very emotional, and her makeup came off. “I never thought I would get married,” she said during a Nov. 15 interview. today. “This is just crazy what happened.” Then she remembered taking vows to the country star. “I literally did my pledges screaming, I didn’t have a makeup artist, I did my own makeup, and all the makeup came off perfectly,” she admitted. “So then [Blake] He says, “I know you’re always criticizing me about not writing songs…” And suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, he’s playing me this song that he’s writing for me. I’m screaming.

The big day happened on July 3, 2021, in a chapel on Blake’s sprawling Oklahoma estate. By all accounts, the party was lavish but intimate, officiated by a friend Carson Daly. Gwen wore a gorgeous white tulle gown Vera WangIt was the couple’s first dance Peter GabrielThe famous 80s song “In Your Eyes”. In very beautiful detail, she had the names of her three children (Kingston,now 17, Zuma15 y Apollo,9,) embroidered in the veil.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
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In a 2022 interview, when asked why the celebration was being scaled back, she replied: “Covid.” “I had this fantasy of building terraces.” No doubt Rock said during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “It got smaller and smaller, and you know, God works in mysterious ways. It was the perfect number of people. It was very intimate. It was exactly what it should be.”

The hitmaker then clarified that she wasn’t just talking about the big day. “It’s not just the wedding,” she added. “Marriage is a lot of fun, and I’m very interested in it. I feel very lucky.” the sound The coach says that in addition to romance, there is an element of true friendship. “He’s my best friend,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

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