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If you are a US citizen and are not registered to vote and would like to, here is the best way to exercise your constitutional right.

The United States government created a website called to begin the voter registration process. There you can register to vote, find voter registration deadlines, and register after moving to a different area.

You can also change your political party affiliation and learn how to get a voter registration card. If you live outside the United States, you may also request an absentee ballot by completing a separate application.

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Hand holding voting sticker

There are different requirements by states on how to register to vote. (Joshua Lott/AFP via Getty Images)

All states, except North Dakota, require registration before voting in elections.

The website will show you how to register to vote, including online, by mail or in person. Rules vary by state, so you can choose your state to find out where you’re going and what rules apply in terms of deadlines.


There is no national voter registration deadline, so voters in each state and territory must adhere to the laws where they live.

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