‘GTA 6’ trailer: It’s finally here and it looks amazing – LSB

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The long-awaited one Grand Theft Auto VI the trailer has finally arrived and it looks like it will be worth the wait.

Set to Tom Petty’s ’80s ‘Love Is A Long Road’, the 90-second trailer features Lucia, GTAthe first female hero. Judging by the orange fit and the barbed wire fence, she seems to have already run into the wrong side of the law, though that clearly hasn’t convinced her to settle down and get a desk job. Lucia won’t be alone in her crimes either, teaming up with a male partner to wreak havoc on Vice City.

The GTA 6 the trailer also includes a shot of a grandmother wearing a nightgown and holding a hammer in each hand. She’s probably not a main character, but the Duel-Wiled Hammer Granny is still an amazing concept.

While it looks fantastic, it’s worth remembering that graphics in video game trailers aren’t always representative of what players will actually see in-game. Still, if Rockstar Games can even come close to what they’re showing today, it’ll probably make a lot of fans very happy.

GTA 6 is scheduled to arrive in 2025.

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