Gretchen Carlson nearly lost her finger while chopping onions, a joke that flips the bird amid recovery – LSB

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journalist Gretchen Carlson She works to mend her wounds – and jokes about her recovery – after a nearly disastrous cooking accident.

“I’m sorry to say I’ll be giving you the finger for at least a week,” Carlson, 57, joked via Instagram on Sunday, December 3, while holding up her bandaged middle finger. “I almost cut my finger chopping an onion tonight because I thought I’d make myself a healthy meal instead of eating out…again.”

the Be fierce The author quipped, “Now I know I’m not supposed to cook!”

Carlson later thanked the press for “looking after my finger.” She reposted news of her accident on Instagram on Monday, December 4, and noted that she remains committed to “good advocacy work.” [that] “I do it to make workplaces safer,” he jokes, “When I’m not in the kitchen of course – I’m cooking!”

Gretchen Carlson almost lost her finger while chopping onions, joke she gives the finger while recovering

Gretchen Carlson

Courtesy of Gretchen Carlson/Instagram

Carlson is best known for her work as a former Fox anchor and longtime women’s rights activist. Carlson made headlines in 2016 when she filed a sexual assault lawsuit against former Fox News president Roger Ailes, claiming she was fired from the company after she rejected Ailes’ alleged advances.

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Ailes denied the allegations in a statement to Us Weekly At that time, allegedly[This] She sued in retaliation for the network’s decision not to renew her contract, which was due to the fact that her disappointingly low ratings were dragging her down the afternoon lineup.

Ailes resigned from Fox two weeks later, and Carlson settled her lawsuit with 21st Century Fox in September 2016. Her willingness to speak out helped ignite the #MeToo movement — and was documented in 2019. bomb. (Ailes died in May 2017 at the age of 77.)

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Carlson partnered with Julie Roginski In 2019 to create Raise Our Voices. The nonprofit is “dedicated to informing, educating, and advocating for a safer and more equitable workplace for all,” according to its official website.

Days before her kitchen incident, Carlson reminded her followers of her and Roginski’s mission on social media. “The Raise Our Voices team is working to shift an entire culture toward equality and inclusivity, eliminating toxicity in the workplace and ensuring every worker has a voice,” she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, November 28.

Carlson then asked her followers to consider “joining” the Raise Our Voices group’s efforts to “fight discriminatory workplaces” in honor of Giving Tuesday.

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