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Goosebumps (2023-)
Season 1 – Episode 10 (2023)

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Created by: Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller
Based on: Goosebumps by RL Stine

Starring: Jack Morris, Issa Briones, Miles McKenna, Anna E. Puig, Will Price, Rachel Harris, Justin Long, Robbie Hubel
Rated: TV-PG
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A group of five high school students unleash supernatural forces on their town and must now work together to save it.

This takes Hair loss Name from the book, but it’s not the same. The book series offered compact stories that always had a twist ending. This series opts for a continuous story that doesn’t just end. This includes some aspects of the book, mainly the title and the monsters, but it completely misses the spirit of the book. Even when this season seems to be over, it finds a way to add two more episodes. It’s two sides of a coin. called Hair loss Namely I gave it a chance where I wouldn’t have otherwise, but because of it I had expectations that weren’t there, and didn’t want to meet. The only reason I see this is to warn someone else.
Drop it.

I remember the books, at least the general format. Not this book. It grabs a name.

The first episode tries to be weird without establishing a plot or anything like who this kid is. We find references to many books. The characters are stereotypical and not all that interesting. It’s fun, but the books were never great, they were entertainment for kids. The first episode is disjointed because we don’t know what’s going on and it’s going in so many different directions. Based on the episode title I expected a plot that followed the book. It doesn’t. None of the episodes have a proper introduction or beginning. I expected each episode to be based on the corresponding book, with the books being used as easter eggs. Even if you don’t know the books, the first episode will disappoint. I expected ok and this is worse.

It would have been better if this series was episodic. The overarching story only exists to loosely tie the books together. I was expecting episodic until the first episode had no conclusion. Each episode feels incomplete because they don’t end, they just lead into the next episode. We promise a payoff for every episode.

This season touches on the most famous monster from the book, what made Hair loss The books were so popular with short digestible stories and twist endings. It’s an over-the-top Freddy Krueger type story that screams for books Too much narrative hurts it because that story is flimsy. All the supernatural elements from the books stretch the believability into not just a world, but a home

Episode eight seemingly resolves the season as we finally get a bit of a twist ending, and it still has two more episodes. Even this season can’t provide a satisfying conclusion as it drags us out for two extra and completely unnecessary episodes.

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