Ghazi Ashraf Hossain, Bangladesh’s new chief selector, promises to make independent decisions – LSB

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Ghazi Ashraf Hussein is happy to have open lines of communication between his team, players and team management, but said it is important that selectors have the freedom to make decisions. Achraf had to address these concerns due to the perception that his predecessor Minhajul Abidin and his selection committee had allowed the head coach or senior BCB officials to influence their decisions.

“I don’t want to talk about the previous process,” said Ashraf, a former Bangladesh captain who played for the team in the late 1980s and early 1990s. “I have spoken to the board. There will be independence in this role as leader [Najmul Hossain Shanto] And the coach [Chandika Hathurusingha] You will participate in the discussion. We will try to adhere to global standards.

“I will interact with the players. I know most of the players. I don’t know most of the new players. I will try to meet them and talk to them. We will need to establish a relationship in time. I think there is a lot of enjoyment in working freely. Both directions, whether in or out, are open.”

Ashraf, who was also a former BCB director, said he wants Bangladesh to have ready reserve players, and touched on the frequent changes in the batting order in last year’s ODI World Cup. He said that senior and junior cricketers should have a clear path. “We will certainly choose teams according to the opponent and the circumstances, but I also want to use data in our work. I want to monitor load management, manage injuries and take into account the age of the players. A player has to leave at some point. So we have to ensure a clear path.

“I have noticed that some players are traveling with the team, but they cannot play. We have to monitor these players and find out why they cannot play. We will make up the best eleven or twelve players, and then you have three more players.

“I want to have a clear concept about the batting order with my captain and my coach. We have seen a lot of ups and downs at some places. If a player does not succeed, we must have another player ready to take his place. We want the players to be active in the batting order,” he said. Domestic cricket too.”

Ashraf was also asked if he was prepared for the social media backlash that now comes with being selected for Bangladesh. He replied: “Minhagul Abidin Nano and Habib Bashar congratulated me immediately after my appointment to this position.” “When I played domestic cricket for Nanno, we played in front of big crowds. We were abused on both occasions; either by our own fans when we lost, or by the opposition fans when we won. Cricket is about pressure, from the opposition’s bowling, running the target, mids and so on. In addition, if we have a clear awareness, it will be fine.”

Ashraf was aware of his new responsibilities and outlined his ambitions moving forward. “I had some proposals to work with the board after Covid. My mother was unwell at that time so I did not take them up. Many of you know that I was a director of the board. I also represented Bangladesh in five international court meetings during the caretaker government in 2007.

“It’s a completely different responsibility now. I’m receiving salaries. I’ve been welcomed so warmly into this position that I want to be equal to what a constitutionally elected board director gets. It’s opened the door for me to become chair of the selection committee.” “.

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