Garth Brooks gets emotional when he says he wants ‘queen’ Trisha Yearwood near him as he takes his ‘last breaths’ – LSB

Garth Brooks is on the verge of tears gushing over Trisha Yearwood in a new video
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This love is eternal! Garth Brooks61 years old, he lunged at his wife, Trisha Yearwood59, during a November 20 appearance The Kelly Clarkson Show. When you host Kelly ClarksonThe singer, 41, asked what it means to be “grateful” over the Thanksgiving holiday, and he explained that he is simply “grateful” for “one more day.” The candid moment also prompted Garth to think about “the future” and the day he would take his “last” breath.

“When it comes to the future, I think what you’re grateful for is just one day, right? Doing it,” the proud father of three said. “So I guess that’s it. “What I would like to say is that on the day I take my last breath on this planet, I would love to have my three daughters around me and I would love to have the Queen around me.” The 61-year-old appeared to get emotional as he spoke about finding his wife in the “next” life. “I’ve said this before, I found it in the past life, and I’ll find it in the next,” Garth added.

After Garth delivered the romantic line about Trisha, Kelly looked visibly emotional and got up from her chair. “Well have a nice day everyone!” She joked as she pretended to walk away from the interview. the American Idol The alum then told Garth that she planned to “cry during lunch” over the sweet anecdote about his 18-year marriage. Kelly then admitted she was “tearing up” with Garth, who jokingly denied he was romantically involved. The talk show host also described Trisha and her husband’s relationship as “beautiful love.”

After sharing video of the moment via Instagram, Kelly’s viewers took to the comments to respond to Garth’s emotional speech. “I wish more public figures acted this way! What a wonderful human being,” one fan wrote, while another gushed, “Wow, nothing like tugging on the heartstrings first thing this morning.” Meanwhile, a third fan was impressed. In tears over Garth’s appearance on Kelly’s show. “I laughed, I cried, I swayed to the music. “I’m so glad I got to see Garth on your show, Kelly,” they wrote.

This, of course, isn’t the first time the “Much Too Young” hitmaker has gushed about Trisha in recent months. In August, Garth opened up to Us Weekly About depending on Trisha his whole life. “I was telling someone the other day that I feel so helpless because there’s nothing I can do without her,” he told the outlet this summer. “There’s nothing I can’t do with her and there’s nothing I can’t do without her.”

He added that it’s a “blessing and a curse” to feel “independent when you’re there” and “extremely dependent when you’re not there.” Trisha and Garth married in 2005, after the end of his first marriage to Sandy Mahal In 2001. He welcomed his three daughters – Taylor, August And to -With Sandy.

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