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“It’s an avocado! Thanks!” child may seem easy, but finding the best gift for a child requires attention to detail—and an ear for their reactions to various toy ads—as if parents and loved ones don’t already have their hands full with all things kid-related .

Children can be concrete. The things kids like change not only with age, but also with evolving trends from TV shows and new technology. If parents are lucky enough, their child will write a long list of the exact items they’d like as a birthday present or Christmas present and put it on the fridge with pride – but sometimes it can be a big fool like coming up with an idea for a gift for someone else’s child.

Instead of buying yet another random stuffed animal, here are some tips on how to successfully target the best gifts for kids of all ages—and what to keep in mind while shopping those Black Friday sales.

What to take for a small child

Everyone is familiar with the “terrible couple” reputation that the non-infant but not-yet-independent stage of development receives. At this age, children are constantly bouncing between wanting to explore on their own and relying on their parents for most basic needs such as feeding, dressing or going to the toilet. It is a lot of frustrating emotions to go through in a day. Kitchen play sets, toys that involve different motor skills, and anything with music are gifts that can let toddlers feel like masters without too lots of help from a parent – making them ideal for this age group.

What to take for elementary and middle school children

A potentially scarier phase than terrible couples: the one where the pressure to be cool is relentless. It’s that age. While “cool” can be interpreted in many ways, gifts that help develop critical thinking skills and an older child’s sense of independence, responsibility and style are smart ideas. This can be anything from STEM toys to makeup tools for beginners to a fitness tracker or a pretend pet that encourages routine. Anything that includes an app, tablet or e-reader is also a guaranteed profit.

What to get for teenagers

Finding a gift that your teen will think is cool (and that will be in fashion for more than a few months) can be one of the most difficult purchases you’ll make all year. They will likely offer some big softball deals, but if you go the surprise route, remember that they care about brands. Thanks to social media influencers promoting products directly to teenagers on Instagram or TikTok, Gen Z kids are loyal to very specific brands of technology, accessories and even water bottles. If you follow trends as closely as they do (trust us, we do), cracking the code on the “best gifts for teens” isn’t rocket science.

So, without further ado, here are the best gifts for kids of all ages — including toys and non-toy gifts:

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