Fans are convinced that Jessie James Decker subtly revealed the gender of baby No. 4 with Eric Decker – LSB

Jesse James Decker She may have dropped a not-so-subtle hint about her and her husband’s gender Eric DeckerFourth child.

“These three little turkeys are going to be BFFs,” James Decker, 35, shared via Instagram on Saturday, November 18. The pregnant singer was surrounded by her sister-in-law Ali James And a sister Sidney Ray Bass, who were carrying their children in identical clothes in the photo. James Decker had the same outfit — a pair of overalls and a striped shirt — held over her stomach.

James Decker’s Instagram followers were quick to conclude that the matching outfit was a big hint that she and Eric, 36, are having a boy.

“Boy???? I think she has more of a girl belly.” Jessie hasn’t confirmed it yet,” one fan commented. Another added: “Another boy!!! Eric is going to have his own soccer team. Congratulations.”

Pregnant Jessie James Decker celebrates an early Thanksgiving with family

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Jessie James Decker has been keeping her fans updated on her pregnancy progress while she waits for baby No. 4. The country singer announced in August 2023 that she and husband Eric Decker had another little one on the way. “Good morning ☀️,” she captioned her Instagram reveal, which showed her stepping out onto the balcony with her bump on. […]

A third wrote: A boy?! Congratulations!!!! Vivian will be the queen of the castle protected by her three younger brothers!”

Pregnant Jessie James Decker hints at the baby's gender
Courtesy of Jesse James Decker/Instagram

The couple, who have been married since June 2013, already have three children: daughter Vivian, 9, and sons Eric Jr., 7, and Forrest, 5. This time, James Decker said baby No. 4 “took it easier on me than with her other pregnancies.

“Fifi tried to kill me, that’s for sure,” she said exclusively. Us Weekly in September. “Oh my God. It was so hard on me. I mean it was just brutal. And she was worth every bit of it because she’s amazing.”

While her pregnancy with Eric Jr. was “very easy,” she recalled that Forrest was “very difficult” for her as well.

Pregnant Jessie James Decker hints at the baby's gender
Monica Schipper/Getty Images

“I have to say this baby…is probably up there in my second pregnancy where it’s on the easier side. “I never threw up, which was nice, which is good,” James Decker explained to us. “Every pregnancy is very different, but It was easier. I didn’t really have any aversion. I just wanted to eat everything as usual.

As for her due date, the singer claimed that her and Decker’s fourth child will be here “early next year.” She is adamant that this will be the last.

Eric Decker and Jesse James Decker GettyImages-1706895153 2023 People's Choice Country Awards

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Jesse James Decker and Eric Decker have a love story of their own. Jessie and the former NFL pro started dating in 2011 after meeting through mutual friends. “I got a text from my girlfriend saying, ‘I’m having dinner with this guy I’m meeting, and this other guy just showed up, and he’s… […]

“Don’t start asking me for five!” I quipped to we. “Because it’s impossible! No, not even a question!”

On a serious note, James Decker said she and the former NFL player are “good with four.” She joked that they would “have to move” if she got pregnant again. However, she is absolutely ready for her new bundle of joy.

“I haven’t held this baby in my arms yet, but I’ve always been very maternal and… I love being a mother,” she added. “And for me, I can’t imagine life without this baby. I’m so excited. I’m ready. I’m ready.”

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