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Nicole Kidman leads Amazon's new expat TV show
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Nicole Kidman Bringing another compelling drama to television with its upcoming series, Expatriates.

The show is based on Janice Y. K. Lee’s 2016 novel Expatriates, which follows three women in Hong Kong through different stages of their lives. Kidman found her way to the book through her sister, then immediately acquired the rights through her production company, Blossom Films.

She still needed the right project manager, but she quickly found one. As she said Vogue magazine In a December 2023 interview, Kidman had just watched Lulu Wang Goodbye championship Aquafina When inspiration strikes. “I said, ‘OK, here it is, our vision’s here,'” Kidman said. “Now I just have to go and convince her to do it. I think there has been a lot of begging.”

Wang had to offer Kidman but was somewhat hesitant, she also said Vogue magazine. “I mean, Hong Kong means a lot to a lot of people,” she said, referring to her own experience when she was born in Beijing and later immigrated to the United States as a child. “Am I an expatriate? Am I an immigrant? What community do I relate to the most, and how can I tell the story of the intersection between all these different communities? I think my hesitation just came from a sense of responsibility. In fact, I didn’t know if I could be Everything to all people.

Then he brought in Wang and Kidman Expatriates to Amazon and were given an Amazon-level budget that allowed them to film in Hong Kong. Wang also had creative control, resulting in a standalone episode focusing on Filipino domestic workers.

since Big little lies Kidman made her debut in 2017 and has been a champion of telling women’s stories through television. Her other television projects include backing down And Nine perfect strangers.

Keep scrolling to know all about it Expatriates:

Nicole Kidman leads Amazon's new expat TV show

Clark (Brian Tee) and Margaret (Nicole Kidman) in Expats

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When will “Emigrants” be released?

Expatriates It will premiere on Friday, January 26, with new episodes released weekly. The final episode will air on Friday, February 23.

What is the topic of “expatriates”?

The series follows three women living in Hong Kong, one of whom is Margaret (Kidman), whose entire family has moved to the city for her husband’s (Brian Tee) job. Then there’s Hillary (Sarayu Blue), Margaret’s friend and neighbor, who is dealing with the breakup of her marriage to David (Jack Huston) and her struggle to have a child. Finally, there’s Mercy (Ji Young Yoo), a carefree Korean-American Ivy League graduate whose odd jobs and lack of purpose bring her into contact with Hong Kong’s expat community. She eventually becomes a central force in the tragedy affecting the three women.

How many episodes of “The Expatriates”?

The limited series will consist of six episodes, including one 90-minute episode (which will be the fifth episode of the season).

Nicole Kidman leads Amazon's new expat TV show

Charlie (Bond Sham) and Mercy (Ji Young Yoo) in Expats

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Who are the latest stars in “The Expatriates”?

Blue, who plays Hilary, has appeared in many TV shows but is perhaps best known for playing Trina in the TV series To all the boys series and xo, kitty.

Meanwhile, her resume contains mostly independent films but she has been on Netflix MoxyDirected by comedian Amy Poehler.

Huston, who plays David, is perhaps best known for his work on the HBO crime drama Empire Corridor. Tea, who plays Margaret’s husband, played Dr. Ethan Choi Chicago Med On and off for eight seasons.

Why does the topic of “expatriates” raise controversy?

In September 2021, diverse It was reported that the series was facing controversy over several issues. Expatriates It was initially criticized for its focus on the minority group of wealthy white foreigners. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post described the series as “tone-deaf”, while others described the sets as orientalist due to the use of Chinese props.

Other critics accused Wang of ignoring the ongoing political situation in Hong Kong. When Kidman flew there to film Expatriates In August 2021, she was granted a quarantine exemption to enter the city despite Hong Kong’s strict Covid measures for residents and other travelers who had to participate in mandatory two- to three-week hotel closures.

In September 2021, a Hong Kong news publication claimed that Kidman and Wang had creative differences that allegedly led to an argument. Other rumors circulated that Kidman walked off the set and left production early, but an Amazon spokesperson denied that report. “Nicole wrapped up as scheduled, and did not leave early,” the rep said at the time. “She always had other projects she was committed to. Production never stopped or halted, it would always continue filming without her.

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