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Pamela Anderson
Image credit: Michael Stewart

Wearing a stunning ‘vegan’ hoodie from luxury German clothing line Giulia & Romeo, Pamela Anderson She attracted attention not only for her celebrity presence but also for the powerful message she carried.

Giulia & Romeo, a brand synonymous with ethical and compassionate fashion, has made its mark by letting style do the talking – and has pledged to funnel 100% of its profits to animal charities. The hoodie, a piece from their signature “Vegan” line, is more than just clothing; It’s a sign of the cause Anderson has long championed.

With a bold print nestled amidst a sleek design, the hoodie epitomizes the philosophy that Julia and Romeo represent cutting-edge fashion and that shouldn’t come at the expense of ethics. Designed by founder Daniela Brunner, the line caters to the ethically conscious consumer who doesn’t want to compromise on luxury. Giulia and Romeo place a strong emphasis on short supply chains and local production, valuing exceptional craftsmanship above all else. Every piece in their fashion line is meticulously handcrafted in Germany by skilled tailors who are an integral part of the immediate community.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson pictured in a “vegan” hoodie. (Michael Stewart)

By keeping production close to home, the brand fosters a sense of community while ensuring that every piece of clothing reflects its core values ​​of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Through transparent and ethical supply chains, Giulia & Romeo ensures that every individual involved in its production process is treated fairly and respectfully.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Giulia & Romeo actively seeks out environmentally friendly materials such as organic jersey, ipeker, Ecopel and innovative vegan leather alternatives. By using these materials, they reduce the harmful environmental impacts associated with the production of traditional fashion. As Anderson strolled through Central Park, she was the embodiment of this mission — a seamless blend of charm and a sincere commitment to animal welfare and responsible fashion practices.

After shaking off the buzz of going makeup-free at Paris Fashion Week, she continues to make more statements about being herself. Anderson’s public appearance with his “vegan” hoodie is a poignant reminder that fashion should — and can — be a vehicle for change. It is a call to consumers and fashionistas alike to align their clothing choices with the well-being of the planet’s people.

Anderson’s philosophy aligns with Julia and Romeo’s core values. “I’m on a mission to love, give as much as I can, and support people who make a difference,” she shares. This sentiment resonates throughout every thread of the “Vegan” collection and serves as a clarion call to the industry as a whole. Pamela has always been a strong supporter of animal rights. She campaigned several times for PETA, the first of which was 26 years ago. On a billboard in Times Square, Anderson stood next to the words: “Give fur the cold shoulder.” In 2018, she revealed that she had previously sent faux fur coats to Kim Kardashian and Melania Trump, who have since stopped wearing real animal fur. Then in 2019, she wrote to Prada on behalf of PETA asking the company to remove fur from its collection. Shortly after, in May 2019, Prada confirmed that it would honor this request.

Anderson’s star power brings invaluable attention to the brand’s visibility, serving as a beacon for the movement toward compassionate fashion. Julia and Romeo celebrate the fact that a character like Anderson represents their ideals—wearing their morals not only on her sleeve, but for both Central Park and the viewing world to see. “We are so happy and honored that Pamela Anderson, a true icon of compassion and style, has chosen to wear our vegan fashion brand. Her support not only highlights our designs, but also helps us spread the message of cruelty-free fashion to a wider audience. Pamela’s dedication to advocacy About animal rights and her impeccable fashion sense makes her the perfect ambassador for our brand, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her as a true fan of our clothing,” said Julia & Romeo founder and designer Daniela Bruner. With its dedication to creating beautiful, cruelty-free fashion pieces, the brand continues to pave the way for a more conscious and responsible approach to style, opening its first store in Munich on November 11.

The “vegan” hoodie represents a symbol of hope and progress in the industry, proving that luxury fashion can indeed coexist with ethical practices. Pamela Anderson The parade in Central Park is not just a fashion moment, but a milestone for the animal rights movement, proving once again that compassion is indeed fashionable.

For those inspired by Anderson’s collection and the story behind it, more details about the ‘vegan’ hoodie and the Giulia & Romeo brand are available in their online store.

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