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Money can be tight, especially after finding gifts for everyone on our list. Whether we’re hoping to get new outfits for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party without splurging or looking for the perfect belated, budget-friendly gift for a friend, don’t worry. We have the solution to elevate any wardrobe or look – something you’ll be proud to gift and wear. Enter the transformative power of accessories. Whether it’s a trendy bow that adorns your hair or a sparkling bag that catches the light, these dazzling individual pieces can reimagine your typical holiday ensembles, giving them a bright look.

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1. Think of Meg Ryan: Immerse yourself in the energy of the main character of the 90s rom-com series with this big plush bow.

2. Express yourself: Show your feelings with some sparkling words like “Sexy,” “Boss,” or “Hope” with this 15-piece hair pin set.

3. Fast like: Feeling jeweled? Don’t go all out with your sparkly outfits with this rainbow-covered headband.

4. It is a sign: This celestial hair pin set is for astrology enthusiasts who love to share their wise insights through accessories.

5. Very cute: For a more subtle approach to the soft-girl trend, try this little hair tie with long, silky ribbons.


6. Back stage: Go on show with this shiny bag and grab a bow – available in gold, silver, black or pink.

7. True retro: Modeled after a 1920s coin purse, this wristlet bag is perfect for special occasions when you need to have your hands free for cocktails and carrying.

8. It’s not a fanny pack: Upgrade your belt bag to a Sherpa bouclé bag that slung elegantly around your shoulders or waist.

9. Rat Pack: Perfect for city lovers who carry their lives with them but need a stylish bag that goes with everything – this oversized vegan tote.

10. Take me back: We’re getting a strong 2000s vibe from this bag with its blush pink vintage handbag and metallic embellishments.


11. Make it elegant: Pashmina has always added an extra touch of style, whether used as a head wrap or as an extra layer of warmth – it never goes out of style.

12. V-Magical: Tie this silver sequined bandana around your neck or in your hair for a casual Cinderella look.

13. Chain us along: Add a faux pearl necklace to a simple black dress or plain shirt for added depth and charm.

14. Dazzle: This long sequin scarf is just the extra touch you’ve been looking for this holiday season to wear with jeans and a t-shirt.

15. I am a star: Wear this cozy red scarf while ice skating and be the heroine of your own holiday movie.


16. Dark Romance: This black poinsettia fabric sits comfortably around your neck and will attract attention.

17. Cleopatra Very: Who said that trust cannot be bought? This gold armband gives off a strong and crafty vibe!

18. Raising the topic: Wrap a scarf around your shoulders with this intricately designed metal brooch.

19. Layered to perfection: These leaf chains and pendant necklaces become the focal point of any outfit and come in gold, rose gold and silver.

20. Swan like: Sweep your hair up and add some crystal chandelier earrings that elongate your neckline.

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