“Earth Mama” director Savannah Leaf on the lure of the foster care system – LSB

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Director Savannah Leaf smiles against a pink and blue background. To her left is an Earth Mama poster with a silhouette of a pregnant woman with the film's title below her in pink.

Olympic Games director-turned-director Savannah Leaf sat down with Mashable UK editor Shannon Connellan to talk about her feature film debut Earth mother.

“I challenge people to walk next to Gia and experience her world as she moves through it in this film,” Leaf said.

The A24 film follows young single mother Gia (Tia Nomore) as she navigates her pregnancy while fighting for custody of her children against dehumanizing foster care.

It should be noted that Leaf uses poetic surrealism to “get into what you feel [Gia’s] body—connecting with her baby as well as her ancestors and the lineage of black women who came before her.”

How to watch: Earth Mama is now in cinemas in the UK and airing on Paramount+ in the US

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