DWTS’ Harry Jowsey calls out ‘losers’ after Jason Mraz’s apparent vote shade – LSB

Update: 11/20/23 at 10:11 AM:

Harry Josey Take to her Instagram Story on Saturday, November 18 to clear the air afterward Jason MrazThe apparent shadow.

“I’m here with my arch enemy,” Josie quipped.

Mraz explained that he “wasn’t throwing shade” at Josie, adding: “I was saying vote for Harry, keep him!” “I was feeling delirious. I was the one trying to get home, so I was saying, ‘Vote for my friend.’”

Josie reassured fans that he and Mraz “love each other”, while Mraz gushed: “This guy broke my back and he’s breaking me.”

Original story below:

Harry Josey And Jason Mraz We’ve been going head-to-head in Dancing with the stars Ballroom – and the competition is still fierce.

Mraz, 46, seemed to throw shade at Josie, 26, via his Instagram Story on Thursday, November 16, where he shared a photo of himself and his dance partner. Daniela Karajac. Mraz crossed his eyes as he waved to the camera. “Vote for Harry,” he wrote, adding “#rave” to his forehead.

Jowsey shared a selfie via Instagram Story shortly after, which some fans interpreted as a response to Mraz. In his Thursday upload, Jowsey gave the camera a soft smile while driving his Lamborghini. He commented on the post, saying: “Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winning.”

Mraz and Josey were competing against each other on season 32 of Dancing with the stars, which premiered in September. Despite being at the bottom of the leaderboard for the fourth week in a row following their Whitney Houston-inspired performance on Tuesday, November 14, Jowsey and her pro partner Riley Arnold They remain in the competition due to fan votes, which account for half of their point total.

DWTS Harry Jowsey appears to be responding to Jason Mraz calling on raving fans to vote for him
Courtesy of Jason Mraz/Instagram

Meanwhile, Mraz scored 33 of his 40 points on Tuesday night, finishing fourth. Barry Williams And the supporter Murgatroyd map – who received a standing ovation after their routine – placed higher than Josie and Arnold, 18, but were sent home.

1 week ago, Lily Pons And Brandon Armstrong They were shockingly eliminated at Music Video Night, prompting fans to protest their departure.

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“I don’t know who here votes for Harry every week but you have to stop! “Lele was not meant to be eliminated,” one user shared via Lily eliminated but Harry still in the competition?

DWTS Harry Jowsey appears to be responding to Jason Mraz calling on raving fans to vote for him
Courtesy of Harry Josey/Instagram

Ponce, 27, responded to the public outcry via social media on Tuesday. “I can’t believe there are people protesting 😳😳 what????”, she wrote. “Love you, see you when I’m back for the finals ❤️ #dwts.”

While he faces stiff competition from Mraz, there is no falling out between Josie and Ponce after her elimination.

“I just want to say Harry is one of my favorites,” Ponce said in footage shared via his TikTok on Nov. 9. Stay and that I can replace you? So I said to myself: Harry, please win this award for me.

Harry added, “I don’t get it. You guys just have to vote. That’s all.”

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