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Donna Kelsey She talks about the lucky jewelry she wears during her nieces Travis Kelsey And Jason KelseyFootball matches.

“[I] “I have two bracelets from my stepmother,” Donna, 71, said exclusively. Us Weekly earlier this week while promoting its partnership with Ancestry®. She explained that her stepmother would receive bracelet charms as Christmas and birthday gifts, including charms from the Travis and Jason teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I really liked those bracelets, and I ended up owning them, so I wear them. I will wear the KC bracelet when I’m in [Travis’] Games and I will wear the Philly bracelet when I’m in [Jason’s] “Games,” Donna shared, noting that she will be able to wear both bracelets when the Chiefs and Eagles face off on Monday, November 20.

Donna said that apart from the special accessories we She doesn’t have any good luck rituals when her sons go to the field. However, she does text Travis, 34, and Jason, 36, before matches.

Donna Kelsey shares the good luck charm she wears before Sons games

Donna Kelsey.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

“I’ll either try to find a funny photo from the past or make some comments that I remember them making in the past, just wish them luck,” she said. “That’s basically all I do.”

Travis and Jason made history in February as the first brothers to face off in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs emerged victorious, but Jason will get a chance at redemption during Monday’s game, which will serve as a Super Bowl rematch.

Although Travis and Jason have some friendly sibling rivalry, the duo is very close. They even co-host a weekly podcast called “New Heights.” Donna said we She believes her sons stayed grounded because of the many positive influences they had growing up.

“They had great coaches, great teachers, great support [and] Families that were around us because we traveled a lot [for] baseball [and] “Football,” she said. “Really nice individuals who are still friends of mine to this day, and I think it was a combination of all these individuals who had all those great qualities that left them throughout those years, and I’m very, very happy that they got those opportunities and turned into the men they are.” now.

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Donna Kelsey shares the good luck charm she wears before Sons games

Donna Kelsey and Jason Kelsey.

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In addition to being a proud mother, Donna is also a grandmother to Jason’s three daughters with his wife Kylie Kelsey: Wyatt, 4 years old, Elliott, 2 years old, and Bennett, 8 months old.

“He likes all the girls,” Donna said. we From Jason’s experience as a father of a girl. “He loves cuddles, he loves how cute they are, the little comments they make, how much they love their animals and toys.”

Donna’s love of family is part of the reason she is excited to collaborate with Ancestry®. “I was very, very pleased to partner with Ancestry® specifically because of some of the new tools they have available,” she said. “They have the ability to upload photos and recipes and things like that, which really interested me.”

In addition to learning more about her ancestors, Donna learned something interesting about herself through the service.

“I have a runner quality, which makes a lot of sense because I was a runner when I was in high school and I was very fast. I can beat the boys in middle school,” she said. “And it makes sense for my boys to be able to move fast on the field, too.”

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