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Filth (2013)

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By: John S. Baird (writer), Irvine Welsh (based on the novel)
Administered by: John S. Baird
Starring: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Eddie Marsan, Imogen Poots, Jim Broadbent
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A corrupt, junkie cop with bipolar disorder tries to manipulate his way through a promotion to win back his wife and daughter while battling his own inner demons.

It’s one of those movies where you wonder, what is this? The title certainly does double duty. You can call this movie dirty because of how perverted Bruce (James McAvoy) is and more than once it equates him to a pig which is interesting because he’s also a cop. It’s not making a statement about the police, just a particular police Bruce. He is a piece of work. There’s a lot going on in this movie, and more than we realize when it all comes out at the end.
It depends.

It is a strange movie from the very first scene. Bruce (James McAvoy) isn’t very nice as his introduction to the audience involves taking a kid’s balloon and letting it fly. He is unnecessarily cruel, and he enjoys it. He likes to mess with people by turning their lives upside down.

His drive is to be promoted to chief inspector to help his strained relationship with his wife. He tries to manipulate everyone around him to make sure he gets the job.

James McAvoy plays Bruce

On the one hand, I don’t know what it is. On the other hand, I wonder about Bruce’s goal. He is an agent of chaos who seemingly wants to destroy everyone. Why? Why does he choose to cause trouble for everyone by embarrassing, belittling or belittling them? It looks like Bruce is miserable and his way of getting back on Earth is to take it out on everyone else. He doesn’t like people or perhaps himself.

Throughout the movie Bruce gets worse and more drunk, his hallucinations increasing. You have to give McAvoy credit, it’s quite a performance. What’s really going on is more confusing than what I assumed. It’s true that Bruce wants to make everyone miserable because he’s miserable. Very few movies pull everything together in the end after being so confusing. I wondered what was going on throughout this generated big questions. We get the answer, and the answer is not what I would have imagined.

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